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Topless sunbathing on beaches is legal in most of Australia. It’s totally nothing on Sydney beaches I visit and it always has been. Strange to hear Queensland is still so backward.

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I wouldn’t lump one user from QLD with the rest of the state though.

Boobs out and proud for all from where I’m standing! :joy::open_mouth:


Think have seen as many boobs out and all at Scarborough beach (Perth). So I don’t think its particular to any state. A lot of people who do this, have no shame.

Why should they have shame?

I was curious not a complaint lol

Small town there’s like 15 people there , regional area. Just an observation.

Plus they keep sitting right where people enter and exit the beach at the bottom of the stairs and have giant tattoos on her back .

I’m not complaining lol.

In response to @Aurora do you mean me ?

Is there a law against that in Queensland too?

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Isn’t that virtually a rite of passage in Queensland?

No, not you of course.

Not if you’re a lady who’s on the wrong side of 55,boobs don’t stand up straight,gravity takes over :confused:

Does anybody here know anything about these?

Found this on the side of the road while I was driving around, came with 2 stereo speakers (off camera) that I have tested and have found out that they both work.

It seems to be a combo vinyl turntable/cassette deck/AM/FM player (Seems to pick up stations better than my main indoor radio in my testing).

Not much info online about it besides replacement parts.

Everything works well, including the turntable and the cassette deck. In pretty good condition too!

National-Panasonic SG1170 is the model number on the back.

And sorry for the picture quality, couldn’t get my phone’s camera to focus for the shot. :laughing:


Is there any way we can block these scam ads? They keep asking me/my government for money…


Anyone had any experience with Aramex shipping? I bought a dBrand case and got it sent through them. Went quickly from Canada to Australia - and now it’s taking forever to go across Bass Strait. :thinking:

They do have a reputation (from what i’ve read) for taking quite a while to deliver.

I haven’t had experience with Aramex directly but have bought stuff and had it shipped through Couriers Please.

Took about 2-3 weeks through them to get a package from Sydney to Brisbane. Did end up receiving it in the end, thank f**k.

Had a package just last week that came from Sydney to Devonport - think it was picked up Friday and I had it by Tuesday or Wednesday. Aramex used to be Fastway but they did have a few sniggers at times when the name Fastway was mentioned.

Next time your reception is glitching, look up!


TITANIC 2 - Clive Palmer trying it once again. A trip to the Melbourne museum must have inspired him.

Is TV Blackbox still a thing??? Website doesn’t seem to get updated much anymore.


Gone quite quiet.
The crew had a falling out?

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Easter Long weekend holiday perhaps?

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Not sure, been significantly less posts for the last month.

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