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Gee, amateur TV is doing well!

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They don’t line up in order of the ratings in Brisbane as 10 outrates ABC, however they do line up in the order of the original channel numbers 0, 2, 7 and 9 :slightly_smiling_face:


Didn’t think of that either

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MAD page from issue #515 making references to several Channel Nine programs. Don’t know if this belongs in “Tongue-in-cheek Mocks” or not…

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When Animals … would be Channel 7 series, I think!


Is the Australian version of Mad Magazine going the way of the US version which has stopped (or is going to stop) publishing new material outside of special editions?

Haha, probably.

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Ford’s exclusive earlier in the year about who he said was a big celebrity was nothing much about someone most people had forgotten about. So I’m not expecting a lot tomorrow.

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Epstein: suicided or murdered?

Here’s a bit of juicy gossip - I work in the Channel 7 building at Eveleigh (not for Channel 7) and I saw Gary Mehigan from MasterChef walking through the lobby.

Might be a new series in the works?


Don’t know where to post this, but here’s a Block clip I recall seeing a few years ago, and it caught me cause the Telstra T-Box is featured…

P.S. That Panasonic TV they were buying wouldn’t be “impressive” nowadays as it’s basically a MPEG-2 receiver and you would miss out on the “HD channels”
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When did Panasonic start including MPEG-4 tuners? My 2010 Panasonic plasma does MPEG-4.

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Standard in 2011. Prior to that some models included the feature but it had to be manually activated.

Pana model list


Yep I recall I had to select the “Add MPEG-4 AVC channels” when 9HD first started in 2015. Might have only been available after a firmware update too.


I did have a 2008 Panasonic TX-32LXD700A ($1,300 back then!) that would only decode MPEG2.

But it had two good features that most TVs today don’t have:

  • Picture In Picture (only LG still seems to have this on most models - very handy for me to compare metro stations and regional affiliates side by side!).
  • Good quality sound. Of course you have to buy a sound bar for that these days! It made the bezels on the sides quite thick though, but I didn’t mind that.

I reckon you’re onto something!


A successful missing person search.


Ash Ketchum has finally won a Pokemon league in the most recent episode. Spoilers if you follow the English dub

Also, clips are floating around YT (including fansubs), but I won’t link any


Australian television has had an obsession with dating/relationship/wedding-themed “reality” formats over the last few years. No less than 15 programs (to varying degrees of success) have been made covering just about every stage of a relationship, so how long will it be until there’s a format which does the entire process in a single series?

Week 1: Participants find dates.
Week 2: Relationships become official.
Week 3: The newly formed couples make marriage proposals, much to the (quite understandable, because one week is way too soon) disapproval of their families.
Week 4: Weddings.
Week 5: The couples switch partners.
Week 6: With their set up for TV relationships in tatters, the couples try and retrieve their failing partnerships by holidaying on a tropical island.
Week 7: Divorce.
Week 8: Participants try and reunite with their for TV ex.
Week 9: Finale/Reunion Week, with manufactured drama/cat fights amongst contestants.

As much as something like this sounds like an absolutely horrible idea for a show, sadly I wouldn’t be overly surprised if one of the commercial networks eventually tries it! :confused:

Why do that when you can make 9 shows to fill your schedule throughout the year.

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