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Zetta allows you to record and edit to tighten a talk break. It’s simple to do and I know 90% of announcers prefer it as it simply sounds better. It’s usually recorded only 5-10 minutes before going to air, if not closer.

Zetta also has a countdown on each track with markers so you know where benchmarks are in songs, plus where vocals commence.


This, and if you work on a commercial FM format you’ll probably have the intros to every song in the playlist burnt into your memory by repetition


This made me laugh… probably the product of a few :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

An ad on 2LT

“Not sure where to head for New Year’s? Head to the O Connell Hotel”

At 11:45pm… :rofl:

Which may I add is 45 mins from Lithgow!


Typical country radio where scheduling is not a strong suit.

I remember the Albury JV, 105.7 The River running different ads every hour for a tourist business with hourly tours, great attention to detail. Now, clients would be told it’s too hard which is rubbish, they just don’t have the staff.


I just returned from a few days in Perth. The hotel TV still had Hit 929 labelled as PM FM on the screen :slight_smile:

They only had 4 stations programmed in:
ABC AM - which wasn’t working
ABC FM - aka Classic
96 FM

For some reason no Mix 94.5

Sampled a bit of 96FM. It was ok but doesn’t seem to know what it is - a rock leaning greatest hits station or AC. Still it was reasonably ok to listen too. I didn’t find it as unpleasant as say 97.3


IMO, I would rather listen to 96fm than to Mix 94.5 whilst over in Perth. Obviously, the station was so much better when it was owned by SCB/Fairfax. You can see their NYE log here: Radio Stations - Music Logs

Have you sampled a bit of 6iX whilst over there? Its music format would be sounding quite similar to 4KQ.


Heritage FM 107.3 would be my go to in Quokka City these days. It’s based out at Armadale so the reception might be dodgy in certain parts of town. They happily play tracks like “Letter From Zimbabwe” by Australian Crawl in their regular rotation.


I remember reading your post about the station in the “Great Songs on Radio” thread, and I agree. Another good choices to listen whilst over there would be 6iX, My Perth & The Wave from Mandurah. There’s also MMM Classic Rock, but we already get that at home, not that it’s not worth listening to though. :wink:

The reason I mentioned about preferring 96fm over Mix 94.5 is to compare only between the two stations. Personally, I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to the major commercial FM stations whilst over there, given the above alternative options available within earshot of Perth.

That above statement would also apply when in Brisbane, especially when there’s stations like Rebel, Breeze, River & Bridge FM, along with AM music station 4KQ, available.


Not sure if this was intentional or not, but i98fm played Imagine Dragon’s “Bad Liar” immediately after playing “Bad Liar” by Selena Gomez about an hour ago. I think it might have just been a coincidence (because nothing was said about it on the station), but interesting nonetheless! :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like storms around Katoomba & Lithgow way have caused some problems for the follwing FM stations.
99.5 Katoomba - no audio
FM107.5 Orange - no audio
107.9 Move FM Lithgow - no audio

UPDATE: They’re all back on now.


I love it when I log on to MediaSpy and there are a stack of comments on a thread that I have not yet read.

It’s a quick rush of adrenaline. For example, I just looked at the Nova thread and there are 15 new comments that I have yet to read.

It can mean one of two things:

  1. There is breaking news and something massive has just happened in the industry.
  2. There is a fight between two or more MediaSpy contributors.

Whichever it is - it means excitement!


100.1 Life fm Bathurst is silent as well, just 50hz hum. Don’t think it’s storm related, was already like it yesterday.


I’m sure i98’s MD is enjoying their holiday and have simply pressed F10 and by chance, the songs scheduled consecutively. Right @Deano?


This post in the SCA Regional thread reminded me to write up a few thoughts about my trip up to North East Victoria last week.

I’m enjoying the metro Triple M log at the moment. It’s incredibly safe, but it’s still pretty listenable and makes a good change from flipping between the three CHR/Hot AC stations. Have caught myself listening to the Ms more than Gold in recent weeks.

Headed north on the Hume and as the Melbourne stations faded out I floated between the two Shepparton commercial FMs. Despite all my love for the metro Triple Ms, the regional stations are godawful. “Music That Makes You Feel Good”, my arse. I don’t understand why you’d run a female-skewing AC against a female-skewing CHR format when you own both stations in a two-station market. As discussed here, I’d like to see a return to the Greatest Hits format or a tweaked version of the metro log.

We rescan from 95.3 to 96.9. Mid-way through a pop song I don’t recognise, then suddenly cuts to the middle of another song. Then back to the first song again. Then a generic “Hit FM” sweeper. Then silence. Then a local “Goulburn Valley’s hit96.9” sweeper. Back to normal. Zetta or SCAsat weren’t playing ball, and being Boxing Day it seems like no-one was around to check.

We stop in Euroa. Time to check out what ACE have done to Edge FM. In fairness to the ACE team, they inherited a mess of a station to begin with. Unfortunately, they’ve not done much to improve the overall product, and suffer the same problems that the regional Ms do - a disjointed music log and a brand that doesn’t fit. The Wangaratta market particularly is a good opportunity for ACE to stand out, with considerable overspill into Albury and Shepparton. But then again, why put the effort in? It’s only radio…

At least 3NE is still a decent listen in FM. Time to get those repeaters in stereo, presuming they hang around once the main 1566AM service converts to FM.


I certainly miss the days when regional commercial stations were owned by RG Capital & DMG, despite the latter not having much local programming outside breakfast. Even the MRR/MSCM era of 2004-11 wasn’t bad either.


Is Australian radio rebelling on new music? Or is there a shortage on new music?

Or is the overall radio audience just ageing?

Whatever happened to a decent Top 40/CHR station/network in this country?

I can’t wait for this Old School “comeback” to blow over.


Plenty of new music but radio won’t play it.

The listeners are getting older but rejecting talkback radio so there are more of them tuning into music stations. And according to some, they can’t seem to attract the younger listeners to radio. I guess they will start listening when they get older and can’t be bothered downloading music or creating Spotify playlists etc.

Spotify killed it, according to some wise people here. :wink:

Don’t hold your breath. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve been out looking for radio station call signs in number plates again.
Here’s my collection of Ace Radio call signs.

3GV (Gold) Gippsland

3SH Swan Hill

3WM Horsham

2AY Albury/Wodonga

3TR (TRFM) Gippsland. Although since FM conversion technically their official call sign is now 3TFM.


There’s a shortage of good new music IMO. Look at how long the latest hit from Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift stays in the Top 5. An eternity!

In the 60s - 90s they would be gone in a month or two and replaced by a whole new Top 40.

Take a look at the charts nowadays, they are stagnant.

Also, even the kids today love 80s and 90s music. I was at a high school music trivia comp last year and the kids knew all the words to most of the 80s songs. Not only that, when those songs played they got the biggest reaction by far. All these kids were born post 2000.

Also as others have posted, the audience for radio is ageing.

Perhaps it’s just a lull with good new music and yes of course there is some good new music, but not as much of it


Welcome to my world…


It happens at least once a month on Hit96.9. It happens when the networked programming cuts out and there is about 8 seconds of silence. Then it goes to automated programming and ‘the backup playlist’ starts playing. You can tell when this happens because the generic ‘Hit FM’ sweeper, never gets played during normal networked programming.