Retro Month heads to February for a Third Year in a Row, What happened to January?

Seen a couple of GTK and a Hit Scene tonight (surely the best opening credits around!), Is January back to being retro month?

Has anyone else been Watching Rage this month ? I always enjoy seeing old Countdown episodes,reminds me of being young again. I’m so thankful there was such great music back then ,70s to about late 80s


I like the 80s episodes of Countdown, I prefer the 70s episodes though.I’m still p***ed that so many 70s episodes were lost when the ABC wiped them in a cost cutting drive,to reuse all those videotapes :-1:

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Sadly it wasn’t just ABC, all networks did it. Videotape apparently wasn’t cheap and none of the networks had the storage capacity for infinite archiving or had the foresight to envisage the future market potential. So many shows lost forever.


Yes it’s a shame


rage Sydney Opera House 50th Birthday Special

ICONS ONLY. Tune into rage this Saturday as we celebrate 50 years of the Sydney Opera House !

It’s one of the world’s most identifiable pieces of architecture, but the Sydney Opera House is so much more than just a building to Australians. The multi-venue performing arts centre on the banks of Sydney Harbour has housed some of the most thrilling creative acts to ever hit the country. From rock stars to ballerinas to theatrical masterpieces, the SOH is responsible for inspiring our country for generations.

The Sydney Opera House is celebrating the historic milestone of its 50th year with a Birthday Festival program featuring a wide variety of free and ticketed events. Film screenings, performances, workshops, art displays, lectures and online livestreams are all included as a part of the event, with topics of interest to suit all ages.

As our own tribute to the SOH , this weekend rage will be broadcasting for the first time an exquisite collection of footage taken from some of the Opera House’s biggest performances in recent history. Catch artists including Iggy Pop , Vance Joy , Sampa The Great , Gurrumul and many more for an event that’s been half a century in the making.

Tune in to ABC TV this Saturday at 10:30am and again Saturday night from 11:50pm to catch the rage Sydney Opera House 50th Birthday Special !



Even got the full version of the song, where the long-running Rage info and bumpers theme song originated from on the playlist too.


  • IGGY POP Real Wild Child (Universal)
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