Radio reviews


Thought I’d start a new topic on radio reviews.

This radio I got from ebay.

Good things

  1. Very light in weight. Nice to put in pocket. Too many things need to go in pocket these days.
  2. DAB reception adequate.
  3. Rechargeable
  4. Bluetooth, those new flagship phones with no headphone jack. This is solution.
  5. I like on off switch.
  6. Whilst no presets quite straight forward to use, very simple.
  7. Quite cheap!

Not so good

  1. FM radio trash. In mono.
  2. Some low DAB bit stations in mono, like FUN Superdigi, the higher bit station sound ok but not as good as the Sangean.
  3. Taking phone calls, the microphone is in the the device itself. So you need to hold the radio near your mouth.
  4. No presets but not the end of the world.

Conclusion, not good for for DXing or FM radio, but really light in pocket not bulky at all. I like the bluetooth feature too. I definitely need another radio to listen to FM but this is good to have if you plan to listen to dab only in a good reception area, also you don’t care the audio quality or don’t need to listen to FM radio or low bit dab radio.

I’ll post more or my radio reviews as I get time to do them :).


Now for the Sony

Bought it from jbhifi a few years back.

Good things

  1. The preset buttons on the top. This is really convenient can be FM or DAB. Plus you got the other presents hidden in the menu. 10 of them DAB and FM pretty good.
  2. Great loud speaker, good sound/loud.
  3. You can manually tune in DAB frequency.

Not so good

  1. DAB Reception, I found using the headphone jack I don’t get as good reception as I do with the Sangean. I played around and removed the telescopic aerial it seem to help, but then whats the point :slight_smile: . For the price I expected better with reception. Bit more challenging on FM to see if it has the same issue or not. At least I can get SWR FM next to HHH so it has pretty good sensitivity.
  2. Reception metre hidden in menus. I would really like to see a reception metre on the display all the time.
  3. A bit heavy for a pocket radio. This is more a traditional transistor radio if this is what you are looking for then perfect

Overall a great compact radio to have at your desk and listen to. The sound quality is good with earphones but the receptions of dab can be flaky when on the go. For DX nerds I might pass on this, but for those who just want to listen the radio only it does the job well.


If you weren’t listening to music - say, you wanted to listen to the radio commentary at the football - is it decent enough?


Yeah I use it to listen to the cricket. DAB radio isnt good at the ground, too much delay. I would take a trusty am radio for that.