Radio outside of Australia - Whats good?

Nui FM Taupo NZ

I listen to it quite a lot and even play it at work when the usual HIT FM gets annoying

They don’t play a bad mix for a school station, and best of all it has almost no Commercials except for the odd sponsor once it twice an hour


I think this qualifies as a BUMP.

I’ve been enjoying Brian FM NZ lately on my morning walks. I want semi familiar music that’s upbeat with a rock skew and they do nicely. No commercials is a bonus. I listen to the Oamaru version as they have song title and artist. It is an eclectic ‘Jack Rock’ format with plenty of NZ only hits which is good, and even the odd British and US only hit (Ocean Colour Scene, Toad The Wet Sprocket).


If you’re a fan of harder rock, 103.9 The X from Honolulu is actually pretty good! Plays stuff you really wouldn’t hear on commercials here.


In Vietnam people still listens to traditional radio even if 4G is abundant in regionals.
Because if you exclude stations like 91FM or 95.6 VOH, their format is hardly changed since wartime days (news, information, talk (not something like 2GB), specialist, children, play, folklore life, story reading). People love that (not so for younger generations, they prefer Spotify or Tiktok instead) because it helps people transport back in time and feels that the innocence of life still exists in a crowded daily life.

91FM is basically (in format, not jingles) Australian radio of 1980s. Except people are more livelier and treat listeners like a part of a wider family. The top management let the people always choose the music that presenters wished to. People are also open to talk about daily life like wanting listeners to be relatable together. No wonder why their ratings were absolute majority, even if people hates the network of playing too much ad during drivetime traffic block…


Interesting read @theduytv , can people speak about politics or that is a no go zone on radio?


They have some political programming. Political programming is a main pillar on local services.
On nationwide service these are mostly on VOV-1. VOV-4 also carries some governmental information in minority language.
91FM has a political segment during afternoon block which provide information and opinions from people about a proposed bill/law from the government.