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A thread for all radio mocks, ideas and stuff that doesn’t fit in the individual threads. Get creative!

My idea, a national (east coast) talk radio network on 3EE, 2UE and 4BH, replacing MSR. Format based on BBC Radio 2.

Identity: Magic Radio
localised to each market - ie Magic Melbourne (1278), Magic Sydney (954), Magic Brisbane (882).
Slogan: Dial Up The Fun
Format: personality talk, classic/smooth music
Demo: people 35+

Differentiate itself from the news talk stations by focusing more on personality led talk and talkback, a bit like FM but for an slightly older audience, music is classic hits and some smooth fm style music. Announcers should come from a performing/comedic background alongside great broadcasters like John Stanley.

Weekday breakfast is localised to each market, rest of schedule is networked from the different stations depending on talent. Keep talent like Roy & HG on weekends and some limited sports coverage, but mostly the schedule should remain on brand with light and fun chat and music.


I thought it would be interesting if SBS (who don’t want to be “ABC with foreign content”) started transmitting a station on 103.1 in Canberra due to the unused signal’s callsign… We could either see a non-DAB version of PopAsia or:

Logo: Similar to the PopAsia and PopDeli logos, but with only “Pop” in blue colours.
Format: Top 40 music integrated with viral hits (eg. music by unknown rappers or YouTubers), music from Australian indie artists, K-pop and others.
Demo: 13-35

It could act out as a commercial station, except there won’t be start overdubs or radio hosts as with most SBS radio stations, giving it a RAW FM feel…

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Nova 100 Melbourne 2021

6-9: Chrissie, Dave and Browny (Dave O’Neil joins)
9-3: Mel Tracina
3-6: Kate, Tim and Sam (Sam Pang joins, the show goes live 3-6pm)

rest of schedule as is.

6 hours with one host?

KiIS have 6hrs with one host. Not to mention nights on talk back radio. Also, Hit Central Coast have Whitto doing 9am-3pm.

Because they have no money left to pay anyone after they pay Kyle and Jackie O their miliions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just being realistic sadly that’s the trend, I’d prefer two local anchors in shifts.

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