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A thread for all radio mocks, ideas and stuff that doesn’t fit in the individual threads. Get creative!

My idea, a national (east coast) talk radio network on 3EE, 2UE and 4BH, replacing MSR. Format based on BBC Radio 2.

Identity: Magic Radio
localised to each market - ie Magic Melbourne (1278), Magic Sydney (954), Magic Brisbane (882).
Slogan: Dial Up The Fun
Format: personality talk, classic/smooth music
Demo: people 35+

Differentiate itself from the news talk stations by focusing more on personality led talk and talkback, a bit like FM but for an slightly older audience, music is classic hits and some smooth fm style music. Announcers should come from a performing/comedic background alongside great broadcasters like John Stanley.

Weekday breakfast is localised to each market, rest of schedule is networked from the different stations depending on talent. Keep talent like Roy & HG on weekends and some limited sports coverage, but mostly the schedule should remain on brand with light and fun chat and music.


I thought it would be interesting if SBS (who don’t want to be “ABC with foreign content”) started transmitting a station on 103.1 in Canberra due to the unused signal’s callsign… We could either see a non-DAB version of PopAsia or:

Logo: Similar to the PopAsia and PopDeli logos, but with only “Pop” in blue colours.
Format: Top 40 music integrated with viral hits (eg. music by unknown rappers or YouTubers), music from Australian indie artists, K-pop and others.
Demo: 13-35

It could act out as a commercial station, except there won’t be start overdubs or radio hosts as with most SBS radio stations, giving it a RAW FM feel…

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Nova 100 Melbourne 2021

6-9: Chrissie, Dave and Browny (Dave O’Neil joins)
9-3: Mel Tracina
3-6: Kate, Tim and Sam (Sam Pang joins, the show goes live 3-6pm)

rest of schedule as is.

6 hours with one host?

KiIS have 6hrs with one host. Not to mention nights on talk back radio. Also, Hit Central Coast have Whitto doing 9am-3pm.

Because they have no money left to pay anyone after they pay Kyle and Jackie O their miliions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just being realistic sadly that’s the trend, I’d prefer two local anchors in shifts.

Following on @Radiohead’s suggestion that I become the 2Day FM breakfast host (and someone snitching on me for repeating that suggestion later in the thread :frowning: ) and my suggestion that I can turn the whole station around by effectively turning it into ECC FM.

Well…following some deep thought on a treadmill and even more deep thought due to lack of sleep, here would be MY idea to turn 2Day FM into a ratings juggernaut/something resembling a aural car crash.

First of all, the MUSIC! Well, if you were to look at my Favourites playlist from Spotify - look at a text version here - this would be the foundations of the format. Let’s call it Shits and Mammories - You’ll Really Never Know What We’ll Play Next!

Now for the schedule itself…

6.00am-10.00am - ElCaptianCranky In The Morning!
Sydney, brace yourself for the refreshing blast of ECC in the morning. Informed, intelligent conversation and debate, unbiased news, comprehensive weather, up to the minute sports and what I’d like to think is the best music mix on Australian radio. Think of me as the younger Kyle Sandilands mixed with the spirit and possibly the remains of Stan Zemanek.

10.00am-12.00pm - More Shits and Mammories At Work

12.00pm-1.00pm - On The Turps At Lunch
A news hour presented by drunks. And no, not me, I don’t drink/rarely drink. One of you degenerates. :stuck_out_tongue:

1:00pm-3:00pm - More Shits and Mammories At Work

3:00pm-7:00pm - (Insert Random Idiot Here) In The Afternoon
Again, like ECC in the morning, one of you degenerates does what I do in the morning, only in the afternoon. The more sweary the better. Also, you need to be quite pissed.

7.00pm-9.00pm - Butcher’s Choice - The Best and Worst of ECC in the Morning
If the other networks can do I, so can I. Plus extra goodness like more insightful opinions, and more of my musical gems.

9.00pm-6.00am - More Shits and Mammories While You Fail To Go To Sleep


6.00am-10.00am - ElCaptianCranky On The Weekend
Like the weekday show, but I do the show live, unlike the rest of Sydney radio lightweights. That’s right, a 7 days a week entertainment extravaganza.

10.00am-12:00pm - Sports Shitposting On The Radio
Go to YouTube and find UrinatingTree and FivePointsVids, combined with some This Week in League. Again, hosted by someone similar to these guys. And drunk. Mixed with my excellent taste in Music

As Scheduled - Sports, ECC Style
Commentary of Knights, Jets, Kings, Thunder, Waratahs, Swans, Pride, State of Origin, US sports and Australian national team games. Done in ECC style.

When No Sports On - Even More Shits And Mammories For Your Pathetic Excuse Of A Weekend.
More music.




Needs to be simulcasted on Channel 69 on free to air, and on Channel 6 in New Zealand.

Should be a webcam of you in the studio.

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But that would restrict me to Prime-owned areas and NZ. Although it would give me an opportunity to offend one entire country in one foul swoop.

Also, I’d be dressed like Harvey Weinstein half the time (in a dressing gown with everything hanging out)…so no to the webcam.

Was almost considering giving you a show but you’d have to be extremely drunk and possibly high on meth. :stuck_out_tongue:


@TV4 @OnAir These are the five people specially selected for my dream talk radio initiative as a joint venture between my dream TV network (PTV Network New Zealand) and MediaWorks. I’ve been daydreaming for years! What do you think?

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I wasn’t a huge fan of Mark Sainsbury on radio Paddy but I respect your choice!

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@OnAir Thanks for letting me know. Although you’re not a huge fan of Mark Sainsbury on the radio, here’s a photo of the PTV Radio lineup based on my suggestion.

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Talk radio’s never been my cup of tea, but I think Ryan Bridge might be better for Drive.

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@TV4 Thanks for letting me know, too.

So having a deep think for a few days, I’ve come up with a basic concept to replace 101.1 Melbourne.

Spin 101 would be Melbourne’s new home for rhythmic and dance, with a youthful energy, making you want to bounce along, tap your feet, and actually be one with the rhythm of the city.

Melbourne has always been a very high energy city.
We’ve had new styles of music and new dances created here. Our clubs have spawned more than a few international DJ’s. We don’t do things by halves, and we’re passionate types.

Having a rhythmic station that reflects this energy, who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries, as well as set the scene for the city, is what Melbourne needs.
Spin 101 would be all rhythmic 24/7, modelled off WKTU New York, George FM NZ, Fresh 92.7 Adelaide and KISS FM London.

With a high energy breakfast show, fresh mixes throughout the day, nonstop lunchtime mixes, a strong energetic drive show that makes you enjoy sitting in traffic, a live evening show with the essential tracks of the day, specialist shows every night from 10pm, your weekend wind-down every Sunday and your clubbers essential guide every weekend, Spin 101 will be the place to go to for beats, bangers and breaks.

Spin 101. Melbourne’s rhythm.

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My idea: a New Zealand based commercial talk radio network, replacing Magic Talk (owned and operated by MediaWorks). Format based on LBC (London, UK) and 2GB (Sydney, Australia) with weekend programming based on 2UE Talking Lifestyle (Sydney, Australia).

Identity: PTV Radio
Availability: All 27 radio markets across New Zealand
Slogan: Your new voice of talk radio
Format: News/talk radio (weekdays), lifestyle radio (weekends)
Target demographic: All people aged 35-64

I describe PTV Radio as a joint venture between my upcoming television business (Patrick Te Pou Enterprises Ltd, trading as PTV Network New Zealand) and MediaWorks, the leading radio network in New Zealand with more than 2.4 million listeners each week, according to its recent “Make Some Noise” promo (see the Vimeo video below).

I have to advise you that this is not necessarily a copy of Newstalk ZB (owned and operated by NZME), but this is how PTV Radio looks like.

Brief description
PTV Radio is New Zealand’s newest commercial news talk station – the station listeners turn to for breaking news, opinions and the latest information on the stories that matter. It’s ‘your new voice of talk radio’. As well as drawing on the resources of PTV Network’s significant News and Current Affairs department and its dedicated radio team, PTV Radio plays host to some of New Zealand’s best known personalities on talk radio.

PTV Radio’s weekday hosts are Ryan Bridge (6-9am), Mark Sainsbury (9am-12pm), Wallace Chapman (1-4pm), Corin Dann (4-7pm) and Leah Panapa (8pm-12am). Its programmes are packed with open-line talkback, interviews, current affairs and news coverage as it happens, along with regular features like.

  • The Early Edition, PTV Radio’s early morning news programme (5-6am);
  • Business Lunch , PTV Radio’s lunchtime programme of business news (12-1pm);
  • Business Hour, an hour-long wrap of the business day as part of Corin Dann’s drive slot (6-7pm); and
  • Sportsline, PTV Radio’s nightly programme dedicated to sports-related talkback (7-8pm).

On weekends, open-line talkback and news coverage are complemented with a variety of magazine-style features covering DIY, gardening, motoring, pets, real estate, technology, travel and other lifestyle issues, hosted by a pool of experts as presenters - à la Sydney’s 2UE Talking Lifestyle (2016-2018). However, Sunday mornings (6am-noon) are devoted to current affairs, including reviews of the week in business and politics and highlights of the previous week’s Ryan Bridge (breakfast) and Corin Dann (drive) shows.

Completing PTV Radio’s weekend line-up is the return of Graeme Hill’s ever popular Weekend Variety Wireless, which ended in 2018 as RadioLIVE merged with Magic to become what’s now known as Magic Talk. Described as ‘the most interesting radio show on the planet’, the all new Weekend Variety Wireless broadcasts at 8pm every Saturday and Sunday evening.

News, Sport and Weather
A dedicated team of radio journalists present and produce live bulletins of national and international news, including sport, for the PTV Radio network. Bulletins are usually broadcast live every hour, on the hour, and every half hour between 5-9am and 4-7pm weekdays, followed by a short national weather forecast.

PTV Radio’s news bulletins also draw on PTV News and Current Affairs and its considerable newsgathering resources to cover the biggest stories from New Zealand and around the world, and have the ability to opt into the television output in the event of a major breaking story.

Regional news bulletins are also usually broadcast ‘live and local’ every half hour (during breakfast and drive on weekdays) as opt-outs and a sandwich between the ‘network news/sport’ and the weather. Each regional bulletin provides listeners with a summary of the latest news from around the regions, presented and produced by a pool of local announcers nationwide.

PTV Radio broadcasts on the same frequencies as Magic Talk and on new frequencies in some areas - subject to approval. Below is a full list of proposed PTV Radio frequencies:

Far North & Whangarei 90.8FM | Bay of Islands 92.8FM | Mid-Northland 100.7FM | Rodney 92.9FM | Auckland 100.6FM & 702AM | Waikato 100.2FM | Thames, Seabird Coast, Paeroa & Hauraki Plains 94FM | Coromandel, Pauanui, Tairua, Whangamata & Whitianga 95.1FM | Tauranga 100.6FM & 1107AM | Whakatane 92.1FM & 1242AM | Ohope Beach 100.1FM | Rotorua 95.1FM & 1107AM | Reporoa (Paeroa Range) 98FM | Taupo 99.2FM | Gisborne 94.9FM | Hawkes Bay 106.3FM & 1368AM | Taranaki 89.2FM | Whanganui 96FM | Manawatu & Palmerston North 93.8FM | Wairarapa 98.3FM | Kapiti 99.1FM | Wellington 98.9FM & 1233AM | Nelson 96FM | Blenheim 95.3FM | Picton 92.3FM | Kaikoura 89.1FM | Westport 90.1FM | Reefton 99.1FM | Greymouth & Hokitika 98.7FM | Christchurch 99.3FM & 738AM | Ashburton 103.7FM | Timaru 105.9FM | Mackenzie Country (Tekapo and Twizel) 91FM | Oamaru 100.8FM | Kurow 105.6FM | Wanaka 93FM | Queenstown 91.2FM | Alexandra (Central Otago) 95.9FM | Dunedin 96.6FM | Clutha 97.7FM & 99.3FM | Southland 94FM

Please note: A proposed frequency in Clutha (104.9FM) has been changed and replaced with two different frequencies (97.7FM and 99.3FM), similar to 92-9 93-7 More FM Clutha. The 97.7FM signal will cover central Balclutha, while the 99.3FM signal can be heard throughout the South Otago and Northern Southland areas (including Gore). Along with local advertising, Clutha listeners will receive regional news from Dunedin.

PTV Radio is also available via live streaming on its website,, and on rova, the MediaWorks streaming app.

Although this piece of information is fictitious and imaginary as Patrick Te Pou Enterprises Ltd (trading as PTV Network New Zealand) is a fictional broadcaster, the team from MediaWorks are supportive of me.

Interesting concept. Is this like what ARN is already doing in Sydney with The Edge?

I must admit when I listen in the car I find Nova, Kiis and Fox largely interchangeable. To have one break away would be good, sort of like Nova when it first started. Which is probably not dissimilar to what you’re proposing now.


Looking at ABC Radio, and where it can better service the audience, I’ve long thought about some changes I’d make if I was in the chair.

ABC Radio 1
ABC News Radio and ABC Radio National would merge, becoming ABC Radio 1 (AM+DAB). ABC Radio 1 is all about news, information, analysis, arts and culture. Current RN programs Breakfast and Drive would join the specialist programs of RN, plus rolling news coverage and parliament.

ABC Radio 2
ABC Radio 2 (FM+DAB) would replace the current ABC Classic station, which would transfer to the AM band (and DAB) taking the place of ABC News Radio. Radio 2 would feature some programs and talent from Double J which would cease broadcasting, featuring specialist music programs, as well as focusing on an audience of 35+, with talk and music for an audience caught in-between hit radio and talkback. Strong national breakfast and drive programs would anchor the station.

Triple J ABC Local Radio
Would remain unchanged.

  • ABC Local Radio (Local news and talkback)
  • Triple J (Youth)
  • ABC Radio 1 (News and culture)
  • ABC Radio 2 (Music and talk)
  • ABC Classic (classical musical, now on AM)
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Not sure that moving ABC Classic to AM is a great move. Sure it might provide some incentive to get people onto DAB a bulk of the audience is still going to tune to analogue. Classical music doesn’t sound great on AM especially as people are so accustomed now to having it on FM

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