Radio History


On this day in 1997 the original FM Broadcast Tower on Mt Wellington Hobart was demolished. It also was used for ABC and SBS TV.


Some more IDs I have now uploaded, including more from my local station back in the day

ID 5 might give some guide as to how my own music taste developed during that era - Taxiride and 28 Days in two songs :+1:

And another, consisting of a mix of Bay FM Geelong, Community Station 94.7 The Pulse, Fox FM (both the Hot 30 and Rick Dees Weekly Top 40) and 3MMM

The Bay FM IDs consist of a combination of when they were conducting the ‘Great Geelong Radio Experiment’, when they trialled 15 station formats in 15 days before settling on the Adult Contemporary format they took through most of the 2000s, as well as a short back-announce from when Laurie Atlas and Paula Kontelj did breakfast for many years together. Laurie was a very well-regarded radio personality down in Geelong for many years with Paula (who herself was the wife of a local Councillor/political candidate), and had a very popular and successful breakfast show, before Laurie left Bay FM and moved north to Queensland

I should also issue a slight content warning for some of the Fox FM recordings which took the ‘Dolly Doctor’ segments regularly. Fair to say, some may find some of the the content, um, distasteful… :nauseated_face: :joy:


I always remember Sea FM Mackay (Triple M) did a similar thing back in the early 2000’s. From memory 80’s rock was the most popular format followed by modern rock and then classic rock. They settled on a rock skewed format (‘80s and Whatever’ )


I miss that K-Rock format so much. I probably listened to Triple M more than I did to K-Rock, but I would be happy with either. Whereas now, I don’t even bother programming a preset for K-Rock.

Luckily, it’s the general consensus about the station, so whenever I’m somewhere in Geelong that has a radio on, it’ll be Bay or a Melbourne station. The only exception is their OBs outside Kardina Park - and that’s enough to remind me to never give them another chance until a format flip.

Gold is probably another standout for me there in terms of how different it is - it’s amazing how much they’ve modernised recently - just the sound of that ID absolutely wouldn’t feel right with the station it is now. Fox is probably the most dated sounding of the lot though.


Back when each market tailored their own music and were local 5am - 6pm.

This is why SCA are struggling today or if they are on top, would be ahead by a much further margin, writing more revenue with market specific music logs, produced locally.


And then there was even a time when radio stations were live and local 18, 19, even 24 hours a day with just an occasional networked show… Media Spy used to have an “old man” emoji…




Are there any decent airchecks on Spotify?

I can only seem to find Wolfman Jack and some digsy from 3UZ.


I doubt it since they need to be cleared for copyright etc. The best places to find old airchecks are Mixcloud and Soundcloud.

Mixcloud has a lot of British radio, as well as Casey Kasem countdowns if you’re into those. Looks like there is a fair bit of the Wolfman on there. The search function is a bit of a pain- the most effective way to search is through hashtags.

Soundcloud has shorter clips including a few old Australian airchecks in AM stereo. A lot of contemporary announcers post there for the purposes of building their portfolio.

I know has a few Wolfman shows and of course there’s always YouTube.


This is very true and I share your frustration. I was referring to the era of the context, when Sea Mackay launched and its first few years.

These are stations which their high water mark of local content has never been reached again. Sad.


What’s the best station jingle ever?

My vote goes to the XY Zoo.


A couple spring to mind. Loved the FM104 darleck sounding “rock in stereo” from the 80s. The “hot…hits…Stereo 10” from the mid-80s also sticks. There’s also an old 4MB jingle possibly from the late 70s or early 80s they used to play on weekends I cant forget even 40 years later. A laid back singer “The weekend comes, I got no plans, time’s my own to make my demands. It’s good to just be free, fantastic 4MB”… sounds lame but better when sung :slight_smile:


I always liked the various 1224 2WS jingles from the early to mid 1980s.

2SM had some good ones too.

The 2NX ones weren’t bad either.



Two -NNNNNNnnnnnn-XXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Back in the 80s 2NX had a series of fun/cheeky yet meaningless sweepers delivered with all force of a legit/serious ID.

One went something along the lines of:

“2NX with the million dollar music guarantee… you give us a million dollars and we’ll play any song you want” :grinning:


2UE’s Radio Active and Talking Sydney era was pretty good.


There should be no debate on this topic. The Rock of the 80s - 2SM.

Best jingle ever. Yet very few of these jingles are available online.

2NX and 3XY a close second. Radio Acitve 2UE and 2Ws were also great.

With all the advantage of FM stereo so few FM stations have had a developed a good jingle package.


Still to this day whenever I watch the TVC with Slash playing the Dr. Dan theme it sends a shiver down my spine.

Dr. Dan’s theme has stood the test of time, over and above all other Aussie radio jingles.


I loved Dr Dan bit as it had no singing I never considered it a jingle. Does a whisper maketh a jingle?


The 2UE radio active logo was known internally as the exploding dunny