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To be taken with a grain of salt, but Wikipedia suggests that Richard Stubbs joined the station in 2000, and hosted the breakfast shift in 2003 (after the Mix rebrand I believe) before departing.

Thanks, around 2000 would probably make sense. Sadly I have no notes on the cassette itself so it’s all guesswork

I wonder if sharing these recordings with the radio stations themselves would assist, or whether they’d have little interest in indulging a nerdy hobbyist like me. Could be worth a shot?

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That’s an interesting read…

Which made me wonder…

Did you have any commercial FM radio stations in Christchurch (or anywhere in New Zealand) back in the 1980s?


Reminds me of a song “I’d Rather Jack than Fleetwood Mac” written and produced by Stock Aitken and Waterman and performed by the Reynolds Girls taking a dig at commercial radio playing more classic rock than top 40 music.

Youtube: PWL (Stock Aitken and Waterman’s company)


I’d never seen that track before… but it sums up the time in radio history perfectly.


Yeah it was a very strange time in '88/'89 when CHR radio disappeared for a couple of years. But for me it coincided with a couple of pretty cr#p years in top 40 music - coincidence? Not sure. But the best of the 80s music was over by the end of '87 by some margin. '88 to the start of '90 was a very forgettable period for pop. Yeah of course a couple of exceptions but not many. Music seemed to be transitioning from classic 80s into the grunge and other genres that emerged in the 90s.

I also remember 4BK during this time playing a lot of Fleetwood Mac! Also a lot of Billy Joel too. The new songs they did play were very safe and usually only played them months after they came out.

I found 4SS was probably the most “hit music” station in SEQ at that time. Even good old 4MB sounded a bit “hip and now” during those years, at night anyway :slight_smile:

I was glued to FM104 and just loved it - although I still missed Stereo 10.


From experience they don’t give a rats. I have had better luck with community stations (who actually engage with the listener).


Good question… Our first taste of FM came with a pop-up during the A & P show in 82/83 run by Radio Avon (featuring ads)… Christchurch didn’t get its first full-time FMs till 1986 when 3ZM and Canterbury FM (C93FM) won the two licenses. Radio Avon failed with their bid (for Music 90FM)…

Auckland had previously led the way obviously… with both Magic 91FM and 89 Stereo FM launching in 1983…

Magic was a bit more CHR while 89 was a bit more alternate/AOR (they adopted the Triple M moniker a year later). They had more attitude… summed up perfectly by Dave Dobbyn giving the finger to the po-po


Thanks for posting!

That Triple M logo looks quite odd (to me) with the number 89 in it… Looks good though!

Probably kind of how it may have looked in Melbourne had they stayed at 92.3.


Keith Williams on MMM 89FM… (1ROQ became 1MMM).

Admittedly sounding very CHR…


Interesting thing…

Late at night (even in the South Island) we used to get ads for Triple M on TV.

The ad had lots of strobe effects and flashing. There were mass complaints that the TVC had the potential to cause epileptic fits.


The ad over in Australia had strobing too.


Yeah I figured as much, I have some (limited) samples from community radio but mostly commercial

Speaking of, I also found this one, from after the rebrand to Mix 101.1 - there’s every chance this may have been only months later than the previous TT-FM recordings, but again it’s hard to verify

For the benefit of those who didn’t grow up in earshot of Melbourne, those Medownick Laser Eye Clinic and Clive Peeters ads were staples of Melbourne TV/radio during that era. One of those companies is still in business, I believe


Meadownick ads are still on the telly

Clive Peeters got taken over by Harvey Norman IIRC


Yeah I thought they went under Brashs-style and Harvey Norman might have bought out a couple of their more profitable stores


Didn’t Clive Peeters eventually become a national business? I’m sure I remember their ads airing on Sydney TV & radio around the mid-2000s.

And oh boy, does Clive Peeters’ downfall make for an extremely interesting story! They made the news in 2009 when a senior accountant of the company was found guilty of stealing around $20 million and again when they went into administration in 2010, at which point ACA ran a story about how people could not collect the goods they already payed for.

TVAU is right about it being taken over by Harvey Norman, the Clive Peeters brand was retired in 2011 at which point the remaining stores were either rebranded or closed down/sold off.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand…

Hmm, sounds like the talk breaks are from Simon Diaz.

Couldn’t tell you an exact date unfortunately but I’d guess that the recording is from sometime around 2002-03, judging by some of the ads and also because it was around that time (going by the old Mix 101.1 website via’s “Wayback Machine”) the station was doing “20 songs in a row or $20,000 from 9am”! :slight_smile:


I remember those Clive Peeters ads well from around 2000/2001. This was before CP had stores in Sydney. They’re now firmly interred in the corporate graveyard.


Clive Peeters stores were in Brisbane as well but not until later. I remember a lot of radio ads being on.


Do we need a current version to sum up Aus radio?


Stick Mareebo! Now that’s a throwback - one of the old guard that should’ve stuck around in the KIIS rebrand


There were Clive Anthony electrical stores on the Gold Coast (which I think sold a similar range of products to Clive Peeters). The similarity in names could have caused confusion in SE QLD.