Radio Data System (RDS)

I could get it on my parents’ (then new) Forester at the front of their house near Campbelltown back in 2015, when Triple M Central West was 2GZ.


Quite impressive for a 5 kW station from 200 km away.


Great detective work with PI codes. Australia is a late adopter of RDS and its not regulated here. The CRA suggestion isn’t perfect but it’s the closest we have to an organised system. The same code reused on the same frequency shouldnt matter, the problem would arise when there’s identical PIs used in the same area on separate frequencies.
FYI that did happen a while back when 2SER started using RDS with the code FFFF which SWR was already using. AF enabled radios went bezerk.

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2UUU’s RDS on its three frequencies as received at Kiama/Saddleback Mountain:

“Live Feed [N]” was what was coming up on the RT.

2EEE on 104.3, 150km away, was also receivable, but RDS didn’t decode.


Driving in to work this morning, ABC NewsRadio was coming up on my radio as 2XX-FM. I’m in Bathurst. No text to go along with it, and no other ABC radio station had RDS.

Testing for a future launch maybe?

ABC NewsRadio Bathurst and 2XX-FM Canberra are both on 98.3 FM. It seems like you picked up the RDS from Canberra?


That’s interesting, and I think you’re right. Can’t say I’ve seen that before, there was no audio interference on NewsRadio either. Thanks for the info!


That is MOST unusual, I would have thought the audio would have to be present for RDS to be received?

Yeah, it was definitely unusual. Is RDS subject to the same weather considerations as AM radio signals at night? It was cold and foggy here this morning, but that was the only unusual factor I can think of.

No, FM signals don’t bounce off the ionosphere at night like AM signals do.

FM has its most unusual behaviour during summer when troposheric ducts are formed, which are more frequent and intense on the coast.

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Some radios scan frequencies in the background to build a station list and to gather alternate frequencies for stations. It’s possible that the radio got 2XX’s RDS signal in the background prior to him tuning in to listen to that frequency.


I did drive through Goulburn over the weekend so it’s possible the radio picked up 2XX while I was on Bluetooth, but the radio was on 98.3 yesterday morning without RDS and reverted back to regular 98.3 on my way home from work this afternoon. Why it switched to 2XX this morning and only this morning, I have no idea.


Some Adelaide RDS notes

Community stations Fresh, Three D and Life 107.9 all have RDS.
Will post some screenshots when in my rental car tomorrow.

All commercials have RDS on their Hills repeaters.

Triple J and Classic FM only have RDS from Mt Lofty. Classic FM has followed the annoying Melbourne and Canberra habit of alternating station name text ie. ABC / Classic / FM… Much prefer the simpler Sydney ‘Classic’ static text, or even Brisbane’s louder CLASSIC text.

No RDS at all from SBS on 106.3 or 95.1.

None of the suburban community stations appear to have RDS.


Some RDS screenshots from Menglers Hill Lookout, near Nuriootpa in the Barossa Valley.

Apologies for the image quality, was hard to avoid reflections!

Magic FM 105.9 Spencer Gulf

Flow FM Mid North (Hawker)


Was down at Victor Harbour today.

Some RDS logs.

Flow FM 97.7 Coonalpyn

Flow FM 100 3 Bordertown

Hit 96.1 Mt Gambier - one I didn’t expect to get!


Some recently acquired Newcastle, NSW RDS PI codes:

Triple M 102.9 - 2029
2NUR 103.7 - 103B
2NEW 105.3 - A00A

Now @Radiohead should be able to post those RDS travel log pics as a result of my posting (re MediaSpy post restrictions) :wink:


An observation:

102.9 2ST Bowral & 102.9 Triple M Newcastle are sharing the same PI code of: 2029

Probably a non issue (most times) given the distance between the two stations.

Doing a Western/Southern NSW road trip.

First stop is Dubbo

The only stations locally with RDS

Binjang is a community station at Wellington on 91.5. Might be a TCBL.

And from my 2nd stop, Orange, 103.5 FM



I suspect Binjang (Wellington, NSW) became a full licenced station in January this year.
Callsign: 2BJG
Did you hear an on air ID?

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Yes, I think it was just something like Binjang Community Radio, not 100% sure on that though.