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Potential of changing times ahead with 2 race meetings in Western Australia going ahead on Good Friday this year. This may see the end of one of the two traditional non-racing days of the year (the other being Christmas Day) for the racing radio broadcasters moving forward.



Should not be allowed.

Need music for two days on racing radio.


I’d prefer it if they had music on the other 363 days as well.


For those interested - main RadioTAB channel with local hosts today covering the international racing and WA races along with interview replays and other sports markets during gaps. However on 4TAB TWO on Digital Radio, there’s a mix of music with 4IP imaging.


Thanks @glen2006. I didn’t hear any of their archive of 7EX or 7HT files.

Wonder if 4TAB have any old files of their Darwin predecessor on AM 1242, 8DN???


I’m guessing the TAB wouldn’t be able to access any old 8DN jingles or sweepers since they are now effectively owned by Grant (since 8DN and HOT100 were under common ownership).


With only 6 hours of network wide exposure, I kept with just 4IP and Radio10 imaging this Easter.
I’d happily run 8DN imaging over Christmas, but don’t have anything on file.
I’m sure Grant broadcasters would be ok, just as we have run heritage 7EX, 7HT and 4AY in the past.


Thanks for the message.

How long does the music run for on 4TAB TWO?

I forgot the 4AY files, very good.


RSN presenter Daniel Harford has been appointed the new coach of Carlton’s AFLW team for 2019, however he will continue to work with the station.


4TAB TWO on digital radio began its Christmas season of music on I think Wednesday.

@4TAB-1008kHz could confirm.

This music is also simulcasted most of Christmas Day on 4TAB when there’s no racing broadcast.


Last race on Christmas Eve is scheduled just before 10pm QLD / 11PM NSW - so I imagine simulcast should commence around then and run until about 5 or 6am on Boxing Day.

For the record - there is also 4IP / Radio 10 / Stereo 10 jingles and imaging inter-weaved into the mix as well as usual. Just heard a few just before.


Enjoying the music on 4TAB when out driving to Christmas engagements. The real treat is when FM 89.7 is in range, great to hear the music on FM.

Digital is great too.

As is the AM coverage, like the old days of Southern Queensland 4IP or Gympie to Byron Stereo 10.


4TAB TWO on digital is true stereo whereas ONE is Mono’d for the fm network.


It’s also amazing how good music sounds with a little dynamic range.
How’s this for a classic comparison. Far left is a popular music station.


Shame you can’t keep 4TAB2 on all year. I really love when you guys do music on the 25th. Love the old jingles and music mix is on point :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Enjoyed re-tuning all the digital radios in stores to 4TAB TWO in stores where digital radio was receivable. That’s what Boxing Day sales boredom can do to you once the list is ticked off.

Better than hearing Smooth “FM” which is what many were set on.

The $4 299 retro ‘radio set’ looking model at Myer has a difficult and ancient green LCD menu which proved impossible without the instruction manual.


Great to hear Lucky Grills’ version of I’ve been everywhere on 4TAB TWO.

Interesting to read of the worldwide versions:

Mark Knopfler also on this arv when I’ve tuned in. Wonderful.


It’s a long way there by Little River Band on 4TAB TWO now, just great to hear this song you don’t often hear on radio.

Thu, 3 January:

More interesting songs played today on 4TAB TWO, thanks @4TAB-1008kHz

Tonight, it’s Barry Blue - Dancing On A Saturday Night from 1973.

Never heard it before.


Never heard this before either:

Artist: Buckner & Garcia, Album: Pac-Man Fever, Released: 1981.

You’ve never heard a song for Fortnight have you? And likely never will, thankfully.