Racing Radio


Interesting that Sky Sports Radio’s breakfast program now has the open line 13 53 53. Looks rather similar to 1 333 53.

How long has this been in play?


I bet they get a few wrong callers on both stations.


One triple three (x) three would be more confusing?


April Fools day didn’t skip racing radio this year.


Heard gaps in the 4TAB TWO broadcast at breakfast, seemed to happen when a race was broadcast on 4TAB ONE.

There used to be no races at all broadcast on 4TAB on Good Friday or Christmas Day.

Looking at their form guide today:

That is not the case, lots of international races. I’d like to see no races on these days. Surely they can do without it, they have every other year before.


The more days without the racing the better, just so we can have Stereo 10 on 4TAB :slight_smile:

I don’t really follow the horses or punt anyway.


When did Sky Sports Radio change their long running news intro? What a shame.


I don’t know, but I think it was fairly recently? The last I heard Sky Sports Radio during The Big Sports Breakfast (after they ditched Macquarie National News for their own due to the Sky Sports 1 TV simulcast), they were still using the old news theme. I wonder what the new one sounds like!


Short and nothing special. I’ll try and get a recording.

Does anyone have the old version? Couldn’t find anything on youtube.


I’ve got a few recordings of the old theme.

September 2013, when the station carried Macquarie National News

September 2015, sometime after Sky Sports Radio started to do their own news because of the TV simulcast with Sky Sports 1


A reminder that the annual Christmas ‘no races’ day will be happening tomorrow - so I’m sure RadioTAB will be trotting out some non-stop music plus maybe some 4IP imaging like they did last year.


With Tatts and Tabcorp merging I wonder if Sky Sports Radio and Radio TAB will merge into one, having the same programs?


I think Sky Sports Radio here in Sydney usually simulcasts the audio of the Sky Racing 1 Foxtel channel on Good Friday & Christmas Day, so I’d probably expect that to happen tomorrow.


This would be a sad day for radio. 4TAB’s breakfast show is a great listen across so many states now.


Last race is 21:45EST tonight and from then on nothing but music and nostalgia from the vaults of the station formerly known as 4IP and Radio10 through until 5am Boxing Day. Here’s where you can find us.
And don’t forget it’s already running on DAB+ on 4TAB TWO in crystal clear stereo.


4TAB’s 89.7 relay blank carrier at the moment. 1008 AM OK.


Maybe it’s affected by a storm or power related linking issue, similar to what might also be affecting Valley FM as you posted in the ‘Community Radio’ thread?


Rebel and Breeze at the same site unaffected.


There was an article recently where that question was put to the Tabcorp Chief Executive about the future of RadioTAB.

A key issue for Queensland is the fate of Radio TAB, the dedicated racing station that is broadcast across the state and into South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

The fear for industry participants is losing Queensland’s identity if the station were to be among the “duplications”.

Attenborough insists no decision has been made about Radio TAB and it will be one for the newly appointed managing director of wagering and media for the merged entity, Adam Rytenskild.

But in a somewhat positive sign for the station, Attenborough indicated last week “no hasty decisions will be made” and that “you will not see it suddenly disappearing”.

“If it’s working I can’t imagine that it’s not going to be something that will go on into the future,” he said.


This is a wonderful asset to each racing code.

Unlike other eastern states where the legacy company of the TAB is the racing radio provider, this allows much more access to the industry, spectators and punters for the codes than with the TAB’s legacy company as the gatekeeper.

Running AM sites in Bendigo and Shep and leasing Ballarat, it has its expenses.

If they are utilising air time sales effectively, they should turn a profit on their metro business.