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It’s about as bad as Win the Week. Seriously what’s wrong with these recent ABC ‘comedy’ shows? All of them seem like try-hard attempts at being relevant and being ‘hip’.

One word: TERRIBLE.


To be fair some of their audience probably weren’t born when that came out! Not the initial mistake but the story about the mess up.

The Patient Zero story has been told multiple time since the start of the Pandemic - so I was questioning its currency.

Here’s one from February last year.

Curiously, it was during the HIV epidemic that the term patient zero was accidently created.

Whilst investigating the spread of the disease in Los Angeles and San Francisco in the early 80s, researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) used the letter “O” to refer a case of someone “outside the state of California”.

Other researchers wrongfully interpreted the letter as a number 0 – and so the concept of patient zero was born.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it was a terrible show and I don’t think it needed to be non-stop laughs anyway.

They were trying a bit too hard for laughs though at some points and there seemed to be quite a few forced laughs. I think the show has potential and could do well with a few tweaks.

It’s not a bad thing to have new talent in a new show.

No problem with new talent or unknowns, it just didn’t feel like much talent and was more just weird stories and rambling. Maybe it’ll improve, maybe it won’t.

All made in Sydney, all by the same people (Chaser, Wil) produced by an echo chamber of unfunny producers.


Don’t know about Wil, but The Chaser at least used to be funny.

What I heard about “Win The Week” didn’t convince me to be a viewer of that show.

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They haven’t been inventive since War, and even then it was mostly shock and prank humour.

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I think there were a few issues with the first ep.

The panelists - all for having new talent, but I think it was a mistake to essentially have three in the first ep, maybe a blended approach would have worked better, have at least one or two, let the newbies find their feet and then scale back on the “knowns”

Wil - I’ll be honest, I deliberately watched Gruen XL rather than the regular Wednesday night Gruen.
With the XL version as an ep, it had less ratio of Wil squeezing his lines / segues in and had more natural flow of conversation from the panelists, essentially the show had actual time to breathe.
This being in the half hour format, didn’t have that.
Also, not sure the panelists could have been engaging enough for that to occur anyways.

It just kind of felt like it was missing it’s marks, which is what Win The Week also seemed to suffer from.

Wasn’t a fan. Won’t rush to watch it again.

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Media Watch covered the same ground over the NSW mouse plague a few weeks ago. Nothing new there.

Contrived pre-written responses to questions. Everyone killing themselves laughing at nothing. That Luke guy seemed out of it. Another cookie-cutter news/panel/comedy show.

And how did they have an audience in there when Sydney’s in lockdown?

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Terrible! Watched first 10 minutes and that was enough. Makes me appreciate shows like HYBPA and Cheap Seats even more. Was looking forward to this even though I’m not a Wil Anderson fan. It only got ratings last night because it was sandwiched between Hard Quiz and Rosehaven.


For a show that sold itself on challenging misinformation, there was more observation than actual answers.

It’s kind of a mash up of Gruen and Media Watch but missing the best parts of both.

The panellists were annoying, clueless and unfunny. Their attempts at humerous answers were so forced and never paid off.

There’s potential here but the format right now is terrible.

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Someone’s a fan, saw a similar tweet last week.

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I won’t watch it every week but I thought it was ok. As for whether it has currency I don’t think it’s targeting the same audience as media watch etc so a lot of the stories will be new stories to the audience. They aren’t claiming to break new stories.

Wil Anderson was talking to Tim Blackwell and Kate Ritchie on Nova this morning. He mentioned how difficult it has been to even get the show to air. He said they had a lot of high profile comedians lined up to as guests on the show but due to Sydney lockdowns they were unable to appear. So that’s why the replacement ones that have appeared are quite obscure.

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Melbourne’s been doing it for 18 months and he wants applause for putting to air a half baked show? Give me strength.

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Molk is sycophantic to people on Twitter like that to get their attention. He’s always been like that.

Julia Zemiro, Aaron Chen and Bec Melrose are guests on the season finale tonight.

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