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Perhaps, but it’s probably better than Labor being controlled by the far left from outside the party (in the Greens), because they were hanging on to power by the skin of their teeth.

In fact, what you’ve said is an oft-repeated cliche by the media; in truth I see Malcolm as a politician who is very centrist, and has in fact dabbled with joining Labor in the past, who is balanced by conservative voices.

In contrast, I see Bill Shorten as a politician, with his deep union roots, as quite socialist, who is now being dragged further to the hysterical far left.

So, centre of the right win Malcolm versus way to the left of the centre of the left Bill. Know which sane voice I’d want as PM!


You’re entitled to that opinion but I don’t think the majority of Australians agree with you at the moment.

Whereas most see it as being forced to be more conservative than he would like to be, due to threats by backbenchers of quitting the party and forcing him to lose his majority and ultimately government.

Whereas most think he is sitting closer to the centre which is why his approval ratings and that of the party are rising in the polls.


You’ve said what you think other people think.

Whereas I’ve just stated the facts as they are.

Further, this is backed up by Turnbull winning many more seats in the election that occurred not even a year ago. Because, of course, we need to base our opinions on facts, and not media narratives that run wild when politics is generally mundane.


Well of course. He’s not the President. He’s a very centrist politician leading a conservative and liberal government. Of course they’re forcing him to be more conservative, that’s literally what politics is about - he represents a party which has won a diverse range of seats across many different areas of Australia.


Of puh-lease, Shorten is one of the most unpopular Opp Leaders ever.

As for your statement that Shorten is close to the centre (!!), even Fairfax doesn’t think so, lol.

Labor leader Bill Shorten increasingly appears vulnerable to the charge of being in thrall to the left.


Oops, JBar wrong again. The whole of Australia switched off this episode.

Any chance you might stop arguing all the time even when the other person is right and correctly states that viewers are not interested in this panel of nobodies?


You are seldom right mate. :joy: I never said that people would be interested in the panel or would tune in. I refuted your claim that nobody knew them. Stop making shit up.


Oh OK, so everyone that’s a regular viewer just switched off, because, well, they knew them.

Yep. Righty-o. That makes sense.



Your point that you are saying you tried to argue doesn’t even make sense. Yes, of course SOMEONE in Australia has probably heard of each person.

But this is a media forum dedicated to discussing Q&A…so comments in the context of whether those people are appropriate representatives FOR THIS SHOW is probably more relevant, wouldn’t you say?


Don’t get hysterical. Your logic is flawed. I said I don’t give a shit about this show so I’ll leave it at that.


Oh, but you definitely give a shit about anything that’s slightly critical of anything perceived as left-wing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My logic isn’t failed. Your logic was telling me a human being in Australia was probably known by another human being in Australia.


No, I’m critical when it’s deserved and merely respond to your incorrect statements and flawed logic whether it’s aimed at the left or right. Anyway, you’re the one that voted left on the weekend so you’re the left-wing sympathiser. :joy:


Oh I think the ratings prove whose statements were actually closer to the mark. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And that’s just a sign of being a normal person - voting for whoever is, or isn’t, providing good government. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


inb4 Steve Price


Where? :laughing:


But popularity =/= quality nor the merits of an argument.


I already addressed this last week when we had our debate here. Keep up! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So, I’m correct on both points. As I usually am. JBar was arguing an additional point, that these panelists were actually very widely known, and this was proved incorrect with the ratings released today.


Bullshit. I said nothing of the sort. I said one panellist was well known and I had heard of the other two. I said nothing about ratings and I would never have argued that the panel would attract viewers.

Stop lying and acting like a petulant child.