David Speers is hosting next week.

Q+A live from Newcastle next Monday.


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University of Newcastle’s Conservatorium of Music will host the broadcast.

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Monday June 12, 2023

This week on Q+A, more pain for households after the Reserve Bank delivered a 12th rate hike in just over a year– taking interest rates to their highest level in 11 years. The bank’s governor admits many families will suffer a “painful squeeze”, but insists inflation has to be tamed. Just how much more can households bear? And is the cure worse than the disease?

Meanwhile, the fallout from the incendiary judgement against Australia’s most decorated living soldier Ben Roberts-Smith continues. Should the VC recipient – labelled in court as a liar, murderer and bully – be ordered to hand back his honour? What do his actions in the field mean for diggers at home and serving overseas? Is this case damaging the reputation of our elite soldiers?

And parliament returns for another sitting fortnight. The Greens have dialled back their demands on housing, saying they’ll pass the government’s future fund bill in exchange for $2.5 billion in direct spending and action on rents. Will this mean the deadlock is finally broken?

Q+A is live from Sydney on Monday, June 12 at 9.35pm AEST.

On the Panel

  • Sally McManus is the tenth elected ACTU Secretary in the organisation’s 90-year history and the first woman to hold the position.

  • Stephen Jones, Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Financial Services has represented the Illawarra-based seat of Whitlam (previously Throsby) for Labor since 2010.

  • Keith Wolahan MP is the Federal Member for Menzies, having been elected on 21 May 2022. Keith has worked as a lawyer and served in the Australian Army. Keith serves on several committees, including the House Economics Committee and was the coalition lead on the Joint Select Committee into the National Anti Corruption Commission (NACC).

  • Thenu Herath is an advocate for human rights and global justice. The proud daughter of Sri Lankan immigrants, she firmly believes that everyone should have an equitable chance to reach their potential, no matter where they are born.

  • Michael Ware has covered a number of conflict zones around the world including Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Mexico. Michael last reported for CNN in December, 2009. His first feature- length documentary Only the Dead was released in 2015 on HBO . The film was nominated in the documentary category at the 2017 International Emmy Awards.

Monday June 19, 2023

This week on Q+A… the NDIS, 10 years on. The revolutionary scheme changed the lives of millions of Australians living with disability – but a decade later, how well is it working for those who need it most? Amid criticisms of cost blowouts and dodgy providers, what will it take to make the program sustainable for the long term – and ensure it provides the critical support participants rely on?

The government insists it can find $74 billion in savings from the NDIS over the next 10 years while “improving the participant experience”, but with a major review of the scheme not due to hand down its findings until October – is Labor acting too hastily?

Meanwhile, Anthony Albanese is facing an uncomfortable time ahead in the final parliamentary session before the long winter break. The economic gloom is far from over, despite earlier hopes of inflation easing and rates having peaked, while questions about transparency and whether one of his ministers misled parliament are dominating the headlines. Will Labor manage to get the focus back on its agenda? Is this the first real test for the Prime Minister?

And just what is the issue with drag storytime? Councils are being forced to shut down the reading events at libraries amid fears they’ll be targeted by far-right activists. Drag artist Reuben Kaye – who faced a public backlash over a controversial joke earlier this year – says the increasingly vitriolic debate is a distraction, but a negative one that has real-life impacts. So where to from here?

Q+A is live from Melbourne on Monday, June 19 at 9.35pm AEST.

On the Panel

  • Bill Shorten is the Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the Minister for Government Services, and was leader of the Australian Labor Party from 2013 to 2019

  • Dr Monique Ryan is the new Independent member for Kooyong. Monique was formerly the Director of the Neurology Department of the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, where she was head of a research program into nerve and muscle disorders of childhood. She is a professor of medicine at both Melbourne and Monash Universities.

  • Reuben Kaye; Comedian, singer and writer; Multi-award winning Australian comedian, cabaret sensation, singer and writer, Reuben Kaye, is loud, politically active, queer and brash.

  • Bridget McKenzie; Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development; Bridget has served as Leader of The Nationals in the Senate since 2019 and was appointed Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development following the 2022 federal election. In 2020 she published her first book; a contemporary reflection on former Prime Minister and Country Party giant, Sir John ‘Black Jack’ McEwen. She is committed to ensuring that rural and regional Australia is at the forefront of decision making of the federal government.

  • Sam Connor (pronouns she/her) is a woman living with disability on Ballardong country in Western Australia. She has a strong track record as a disability and human rights advocate involved with many campaigns, including the successful campaign for a Disability Royal Commission (DRC). With lived experience of autism and ADHD, she is a current board member of Autism Self Advocacy Network AUNZ who uses a wheelchair for mobility.

Monday 19 June is the midseason final.

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Is there usually a mid season break?!

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Season returns Monday 24 July

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Q+A x BTN High Special

This special digital episode will be broadcast on ABC iview and socials at 6:30pm on Wednesday 19 July.

Coming up… Q+A joins BTN High for a collaboration to hear the voices of the next generation in a digital special, to be streamed on iView and socials on Wednesday July 19 at 6:30pm. Hosted by BTN’s Amelia Moseley, a panel and audience of Gen Z – along with Minister for Youth Anne Aly – tackle some of the big issues they’ll be facing in the years to come.

What will the jobs of the future look like? What does the climate crisis mean for your generation … is enough being done or are you looking for more radical solutions? Will the cost of university deter you from further study? What does the rise of AI mean for your life and livelihood?

You are the generation who don’t know a time before the internet and are all too aware of the pitfalls and perils of social media. How are you recovering from a wildly interrupted education, after the pandemic forced you out of the classroom and into home learning? Do you feel short-changed by the unexpected turn your life has taken?

On the Panel

Anne Aly
Minister for Early Childhood Education and Minister for Youth

Anne Aly is the Minister for Early Childhood Education and Minister for Youth, as well as the first Muslim woman to hold a ministerial position.

Amarley Bron
Biripi Worimi woman & Year 12 student

Amarley is a proud Biripi and Worimi woman from Taree on the Mid-North Coast of NSW and year 12 student. Amarley is passionate about her culture and advocates for her people. She was selected to speak on behalf of the youth forum for NITV and ask a question on Q+A regarding education opportunities for those living in rural and remote communities. It was also at Garma, that Amarley was chosen to interview the current Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese.

Aud Mason-Hyde
Activist, speaker, poet and actor

Aud is a young trans non-binary activist artist living on unceded Kaurna land, with experience as an actor, poet, activist and speaker. They are passionate about the liberation of oppressed peoples, and approach all their work with a queer trans lens.

Leo Puglisi
Founder and chief anchor, 6 News Australia & Year 10 student

Leo Puglisi is the founder of 6 News Australia, an independent digital news outlet. He founded 6 News in primary school, and currently manages a team of young journalists with a focus on impartial reporting while still in Year 10.

Will Shackel
Founder, Nuclear for Australia & Year 11 student

Will Shackel is the 17-year-old founder of Australia’s first youth-lead campaign for nuclear energy: Nuclear for Australia. As a young person concerned about the climate and energy crisis, he decided to research the prospect of the technology talking to experts around the world determining that nuclear could be a solution that could benefit Australia and his generation.

Laura Strawbridge
NSW Youth Parliament & Year 12 student

Laura Strawbridge is a year 12 student currently undertaking the HSC as school captain. She has a keen interest in contemporary legal and political issues, having recently represented New South Wales at the National Constitution Convention in Canberra to discuss section 128 of the constitution and the upcoming referendum.



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Monday July 24, 2023

Q+A is in Melbourne on Monday, 24th July at 9.35pm AEST.

As the cost-of-living crisis bites, will Australia’s new Reserve Bank chief continue the rate rise hikes of her predecessor? Or is there some relief on the horizon for people struggling to pay the bills? Michele Bullock has some difficult waters to navigate – so how will she tackle Australia’s economic woes?

The UK’s Minister for Armed Forces is in Australia and joins the panel. AUKUS has been in the spotlight here, but with the Conservative government in Britain under pressure over cost of living, immigration and its merry-go-round of leaders, is it further down the UK’s list of priorities?

Meanwhile, the Yes and No camps have laid out their arguments over the Voice to Parliament referendum, but with the nation seemingly divided over the issue, how can we possibly have the respectful debate that many are calling for?

And is it game over for big sporting events? Victoria’s bombshell decision to dump the 2026 Commonwealth Games has drawn both scorn and praise, with Premier Dan Andrews saying it’s now out of his state’s price range. Amid claims that this will damage Victoria’s reputation internationally, in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis just how much should taxpayers be expected to pay for elite sport competitions?

Joining Patricia Karvelas in Melbourne

On the Panel

James Heappey
UK Minister of State for Armed Forces
James Heappey was appointed as Minister of State at the Ministry of Defence on 7 July 2022. He was elected as the Member of Parliament for the Wells Constituency in May 2015.

Rachel Perkins

Rachel Perkins is an Arrernte/Kalkadoon filmmaker with a 30-year career. In 1992 she founded Blackfella Films, one of Australia’s leading creators of Indigenous screen content. She currently co-chairs the First Nations Heritage Protection Alliance’s joint working group with the commonwealth, on national Indigenous heritage legislative reform. Rachel is a signatory to Uluru Statement from the Heart and is co-chair of Australians for Indigenous Constitutional Reform, which leads the Yes Alliance.

Patrick Gorman
Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister

In 2021, Patrick was appointed as Shadow Assistant Minister for Western Australia. Patrick is currently the Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister and the Assistant Minister for the Public Service.

Barnaby Joyce
Nationals Member for New England

Barnaby Joyce is the Nationals Member for New England. Following the change of Government Barnaby took on the role of Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, having served in the Army Reserve following in the footsteps of his Father and Grandfather who all served in the military.

Kate Chaney
Independent Member for Curtin

Kate Chaney is Western Australia’s first female Independent Member of Parliament. She was elected to the previously ultra-safe Liberal seat of Curtin in Perth at the 2022 election after campaigning on a platform of climate action, integrity and inclusive communities.

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The BTN special will be shown on ABC News channel tonight at 7.30pm AEST.