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Jeremy Fernández is guest host next week.


Next week’s show will be held at ABC Southbank Studios in Melbourne. Peggy O’Neal, president of recently crowned AFL premiers Richmond, will make her first appearance on the show. Other guests include:
Greens Leader Richard Di Natale
Queensland Nationals Senator Matt Canavan
South Australian Labor MP Amanda Rishworth
CEO Roy Morgan Research Michele Levine


Could the ABC release a CD/DVD ‘Tony Jones Presents Music As Seen On Q&A’? If they did, this would definitely be on it.


Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Monday 23 October 2017 at 9.35pm

Joining Tony Jones for the Q&A Same-Sex Marriage debate:

  • Actress and author Magda Szubanski;
  • Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davies;
  • Jesuit priest and law professor Frank Brennan;
  • ‘No campaign’ spokesperson Karina Okotel.


Oh goodie… Because if it’s one thing Q&A hasn’t talked about to death it’s same sex marriage :unamused:


All smiles and laughter before tonight’s program.


Alan Jones had the final say on Q&A, giving a very warm reminiscence of fellow panelist Kevin Rudd … it was so odd that Tony Jones thought the Sound of Music theme was going to play.

From 1:05:00 on this video on Twitter. For me it only works on the Twitter app.


High School Special

Monday 6 November at 9.35pm


  • Simon Birmingham - Minister for Education
  • Tanya Plibersek - Deputy Opposition Leader
  • Geordie Brown - Oxley High School, Tamworth
  • Nadia Homem - Burwood Girls High School
  • Arthur Lim - Moorebank High School
  • Lauren McGrath-Wild - Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney


Monday 13 November at 9.35pm


  • Angus Taylor - Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation
  • Terri Butler - Queensland Labor MP
  • Brian Cox - Particle Physicist and TV Presenter
  • Judith Sloan - Economist and Businesswoman
  • Shara Evans - Technology Futurist


Monday 20 November at 9.35pm


  • George Brandis - Attorney-General
  • Brendan O’Connor - Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations
  • Janet Rice - Greens Senator for Victoria
  • Stephen O’Doherty - Christian radio broadcaster
  • Jacqui Lambie - Outgoing Independent Senator for Tasmania


whatever will Q&A talk about now that marriage equality has passed the vote :thinking:


They can still talk about the SSM legislation :slight_smile:



Monday 27 November at 9:35 pm

  • James McGrath, Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister;
  • Murray Watt, Labor Senator for Queensland;
  • Lenore Taylor, Editor of The Guardian Australia;
  • Warren Mundine, Chair of the Indigenous Advisory Council.


Monday 4 December at 9:30pm


  • Eric Abetz - Tasmanian Liberal Senator
  • Lisa Singh - Tasmanian Labor Senator
  • Gillian Triggs - Former President, Australian Human Rights Commission
  • Simon Breheny - Director of Policy, IPA
  • Kate McClymont - Investigative journalist with Sydney Morning Herald


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull joins Q&A


Monday 11 December at 9.35pm

He’s been bobbing in a sea of political woes but now the polls may be turning. What questions do the Australian people want answered?

Virginia Trioli will be at the desk in our Sydney studios. Alongside her, the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.



Monday 18 December at 9:50pm

Join us for the 2017 Q&A season finale live from Melbourne with host Virginia Trioli as we look back on a tumultuous year in Australian politics.

Joining host Virginia Trioli are

  • Greg Hunt, Minister for Health and Sport;
  • Anthony Albanese, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure;
  • Maxine McKew, Author and Hon Enterprise Professor, University of Melbourne;
  • Greg Sheridan, Foreign Affairs Editor, The Australian; and
  • Alice Workman, Political Reporter with Buzzfeed Australia.

Join us for the 2017 Q&A season finale live from Melbourne with host Virginia Trioli as we look back on a tumultuous year in Australian politics.


So this confirms live broadcast on ABC News channel in QLD, SA, WA and NT has been dropped due to Matter of Fact not finishing until 9.45pm. This will disadvantage viewers in these regions who will now have to stream the show on iView.


Wasn’t the Q&A simulcast dropped from ABC News 24 (as the channel would’ve been still known as then) a year or two ago but brought back for the non-AEDST versions of the channel after viewer complaints?

Presuming that’s the case, I wonder if the same will happen again this time…


Guests for tomorrow’s season premiere:
Sally McManus - Secretary, ACTU
Chris Richardson - Economist and chair of Deloitte Access Economics
Heather Ridout - Businesswoman and former Reserve Bank board member
James Pearson - CEO, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Stephen Mayne - Crikey founder


Tonight’s episode is also being streamed live on Periscope according to the show’s Twitter account. I can’t remember any other Australian shows utilising Periscope.