Public Transport


Well, you can’t really make plans around something that may never happen. You just have to go with what you know (or can reasonably foresee) at the time.


True. I just think its a bit ridiculous that it will take 30-40 years for the plans to go ahead.


The rail line between Doncaster and Melbourne CBD along the Eastern Freeway has been talked about since the 1920s. The Victorian Government is planning to build a Suburban Rail Loop around Melbourne, with Doncaster one of the stations. It’s possible that SRL will be complete before the Eastern Freeway rail line is ever built.
As for Berejiklian’s plans for the four new Sydney metro lines, I am not sure if it’s a last ditch effort to secure votes from people living in Western Sydney, because they are the ones most affected by traffic and transport issues.


I think you might be right there.


Melbourne’s underground rail loop was first planned in the 1940s and didn’t open until 1980. It wasn’t completed until 1985.


Thanks for that had no idea.