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The cynic in me thinks this is just their new unreasonable demand and delaying tactic. They have exhausted the public’s gullibility on the below ground tactic.
Why would they get compensated for land they do not own?

Because it likely needs to be excised out of the Airport lease.

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Geez the airport is trying hard to look like the good guy here, isn’t it? :man_facepalming:

“We’ve delayed this project over a squabble that we lost, so we’re compromising by backing down. Why doesn’t the government have shovels in the ground yesterday to build it by the same deadline?”


Stage 1 of Sydney’s Parramatta Light Rail, which is undergoing trial running, has been designated L4 in the city’s public transport system.


The Metro line from Tallawong through Chatswood, Barangaroo, Sydney CBD, Sydenham to Bankstown will be known as M1 Northwest and Bankstown Line.

There likely won’t be an “and Bankstown” until at least next year.

Heard about the delays on 3AW’s 7.30am news today.

Metro Trains services are gradually returning to normal timetable, however there are still some cancellations, according to the operator’s website.

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Well suck it up and pay the fare like a good person.


The Yanchep rail extension in Perth’s outer north opened this morning. The existing Joondalup line is also renamed Yanchep line at the same time. The 14.5km extension north from Butler adds three new stations: Alkimos, Eglinton, and Yanchep.


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Rather astounding that it doesn’t already. Been to Brisbane and Perth in recent times and have easily got into the city by train. Mind you the skybus is adequate

NSW transport minister Jo Haylen posted on her FB page yesterday:

If you regularly jump on a train at Strathfield or Epping, you might notice that your Train Indicator Board looks a little different.
The little indicators that show how full an incoming train is are incredibly useful – but not always the easiest to read.
During July, we’re trialling small changes to our screens to test if they make them easier to read for people with low vision or colour-blindness – or even visitors who may not have worked out that green means it’ll be easier to grab a seat on that carriage.
If you’ve tried it out, let us know if it’s a change you love. We’ll be using the results of our little trial to work out how to improve our indicator boards into the future.


Looks like the Microsoft outage has taken down V/Line this afternoon

Metro Trains still largely running a good service though some delays due to a trespasser incident.


Also impacting Hunter and Southern Highlands (ARTC areas) lines outside Sydney.

V/Line service are slowly returning but delays are expected.