Princess Diana Death (1997)

Apparently she jumped ship in the mid-1990s when Seven proposed to pair her with David Johnston on the Nightly News and she wasn’t happy with the idea.

From what I can recall she was a presenter on Good Medicine (and I think Mark Ferguson and/or Simon Reeve may have also been reporters on that show too).


Just in case this hasn’t appeared online previously, here is 3AW announcing the death of Princess Di


Some snapshots of Hong Kong news reports in Diana’s funeral. The original uploader’s Youtube channel was terminated, but the recordings have been reuploaded to China’s counterpart BiliBili beforehand.

ATV: The Cantonese Home channel had a brief news update towards the end of the funeral. Going by that, there’s probably no live coverage of the event. They’re using Sky News’ footage.

ATV Home News Diana 1
ATV Home News Diana 2
ATV Home News Diana 3

TVB: Pearl’s news bulletin coincided with the funeral’s proceedings. Judging by the preceding video packages, it seems like they’re taking Sky’s footages as well, though compared to the scarcely-resourced ATV, they sent at least two reporters to the scene.

The sequence: Opening in HK studio - UK prerecorded summary of the funeral - live cross to the event plus telephone report voiceover - prerecorded vox pops from grieving Brits.

TVB Pearl News Diana 1
TVB Pearl News Diana 2
TVB Pearl News Diana 3
TVB Pearl News Diana 4
TVB Pearl News Diana 5
TVB Pearl News Diana 6
TVB Pearl News Diana 7
TVB Pearl News Diana 8
TVB Pearl News Diana 9
TVB Pearl News Diana 10
TVB Pearl News Diana 11
TVB Pearl News Diana 12

Taiwan, with a much more crowded TV news market, was more enthusiastic in showing the funeral. This is a compilation of most of the terrestrial/cable news channels’ broadcasts:

Quite a lot of channel surfing in the video, so here’s a rundown:

  • Formosa TV (commercial TV): Used BBC World footage, as seen in the watermarks. Aired World’s tribute documentary soon after, with their own Chinese graphics (messily) superimposed onto the original open (around 6 minutes in).

  • China TV (then KMT owned-and-operated): A glimpse of Sky News’ footage and the nighttime news set 30 minutes in. Later also used CNN’s coverage for some moments (at 1:11:52), before going to ITN for the main ceremonies (at 2 hour mark).

  • Taiwan TV (then owned-and-operated by Taiwanese government): Sky News footage at 47 minutes in, before opting to prerecorded packages with CNN/GMTV watermarks. CNN/ITN watermarks seen in the background when cutting back to the studio.

  • TVBS-N (satellite news channel from Hong Kong’s TVB): Also Sky News at 52:30 mark. They also sent a correspondent to London. TVBS’ nighttime news was seen at 2 hours 42 mins, presumably in a different feed with the news channel.

  • CTS (then government-run as well): Sky News for the ceremony coverage starting at 2:17:56, with a relatively normal news set than others’ flowers-filled offerings at 2 and a half hours.

The stations eventually ended their broadcasts, and proceeded with various other news headlines.

Exacerbating list over


Seven’s coverage:


Credit to Rhettrospective, I think this was aired when Diana was at the hospital following the Car crash (Victoria Time, death was probably confirmed in Western Australia during this program and not sure about South Australia).

Would like to see the Seven Nightly news update with Peter Mitchell that went to air later in the day during 2 AFL Matches (Collingwood-North Melbourne and Essendon-Adelaide).

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Does anyone have more of Seven’s coverage from that day? Nine’s National coverage was anchored by Ray Martin (In which has already been seen) and ABC’s Coverage featured Chris Clark in London for the first 12 minutes then the rest of the bulletin (In which I am pretty sure was a national one) was continued at the ABC studios in Australia presented by Heather Ewart.

Following ABC News, Maxine McKew presented ABC’s funeral coverage from Australia and the coverage was a simulcast of BBC UK.

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It would great to see the news break with Peter Mitchell during the football broadcast.