Prime7 & GWN7 Local News


Weather tonight was done from floriade






Weather done in a location where the bulletins are produced but not shown. I wonder how Prime7 viewers feel about that …


Snapshots of the Floriade OB weather presentation as seen on all five local bulletins:

Unless Canberra viewers managed to receive local Prime7 Weather Updates recorded at Floriade, I’d imagine they’d probably be quite upset…if they found out or are even aware that Prime7 produces full local news bulletins for other regions but not Canberra from their Canberra studios. On the flipside, would Wagga, Central West, Border, North Coast & North West viewers have preferred to see an on-location broadcast from somewhere within their own viewing area?

You certainly can’t accuse Prime7 for not choosing a weather forecast OB location which isn’t in a region they broadcast to or one that doesn’t make for great TV, but maybe next time it’d be wise to pick a location which makes it less obvious (to the viewer who isn’t as media observant as us) that most local bulletins are pre-recorded and/or that all are produced in Canberra!

Also, I won’t link to them here but LOL at how the Border and North Coast bulletins from September 27 and 28 2017 were accidentally re-uploaded to their respective YouTube channels this evening. Take the opportunity to re-live the Madelaine/Kenny duo and what were probably some of the last Prime7 reports for Kristy Coulcher (now at WIN News, presenting Northern NSW/Gold Coast updates IIRC) & Lucy Langtry (now a media advisor for the Tasmanian Government) while you can, because I’d imagine they probably won’t be up for long!


Maybe the uploader in Canberra got messed up the night before and wasn’t aware of what he/she uploaded. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Hahahaha. (But who knows.)


Happened again tonight, uploads of the 29/9/2017 bulletins to the Border & North Coast channels! :laughing:

Probably an automated upload glitch if I was to guess. As much as I enjoy reliving the year old bulletins, I’ve done what I hope is the right thing by alerting them to the glitch on Twitter so it can be fixed.



Tonight’s Media Watch had the story in regards to the above post.


Late Night Illawarra Updates.




WA weather update:


While waiting for Prime7 and GWN7 to upload tonight’s bulletins, it’s safe to say that Prime7 News will be closed on both Christmas and Boxing Days (that’s tomorrow and on Wednesday).

Also, in one of my previous posts, this will be the annual scenario at the 6pm hour on these concerned nights:

I’ll update this one if there are any last minute announcements from Prime, as well as GWN7 News’ offering this Christmas break.


Elly Wicks made her news presenting debut last night


Elly Wicks and Liz Gwynn read the local news tonight, with Craig Moore on weather


There was a strange attempt at a live cross to a Seven reporter at the start of tonights 6:30 news - there was a cross to Jennifer Bechwati about kids on Nairu, but it was clear that Daniel and Jen weren’t talking to each other


Did you actually watch it? @bacco007

I was watching and it looked perfectly fine to me.


Yes I did - it was awkwardly framed as a conversation like what you’d see normally with a live cross,mbut it was clear that it one part of it was generic to fit multiple bulletins


Kurravi Piggott and Elly Wicks read the news tonight, with Craig Moore on weather


Just had a weather update at exactly 8:30 on Prime Shepparton (covering all of Victoria) with Daniel Gibson presenting, the first update of any type that I have seen in the five days i’ve been here!

In the past i’ve only seen an update with a presenter at about 6:50, at the start of the last ad break during Seven News. On other occasions it has just been the weather loops with that delightful music.


GWN7 Bulletin from last month:




Such a shame that their newsroom set is just so bland.