Prime7 & GWN7 Local News


“We care about A SELECT FEW of the local regions”


They care about the local region in which the promo is airing? Makes sense.


So they don’t care about anywhere else in their viewing area??? I suppose it makes sense

Its obviously an argument for reviewing the rules on content of local significance in regional areas - I have always thought that the content rules should relate to specific programming of 10 minutes or more - eg Noodle News updates would for diddly squat. Minimum of 2 hours of local news (or 3 hours on secondary channels) or 4 hours on material of local significance (6 hours if broadcast on a secondary channel) or a mix of news and other content with main channel holding full value and secondary channels holding 2/3 of the time counted


They’re not producing a local bulletin in those areas, so obviously not.

But in the areas they are, I am sure all the reporters etc do care.


WA graphics are much the same. It’s a bummer they started using lists because the flyover animations finally look good. They glitched when fading to the next region for ages before this refresh.


The “Local Weather” forecast is now just a single one for Prime7 Markets. Previously there were separate ones for Northern NSW, Southern NSW and Victoria:


looks like they include Geelong in it now :+1:


Saved some budget, perhaps.


Broken Hill is in it too, also not in Prime area


Thursday 5th June, Friday 6th June 2018:

Craig Moore presented weather on Prime.


Though they don’t include Bendigo or Ballarat - which are strange exclusions given they are actually in the coverage area, and often have very different temperatures to the coastal Geelong/Melbourne ones.

I haven’t seen a recent Prime7 update, but WIN always used to include Geelong on their Western Victoria forecasts - largely for the same reason as including Melbourne - a number of people on the South Coast travel into Geelong for shopping or work - so it’s relevant for viewers in the regional areas, not as some kind of claim of coverage into or relevance for viewers in Geelong.

Hopefully those combined updates are temporary for holidays.


Kenny has resigned from Prime7 for family reasons.


If true, this is a massive loss for Prime7. After watching Prime News for many years, Kenny has been the most professional newsreader they’ve had and the only one I enjoy. Definitely sad if true.


the press release was sent out last week but I think I deleted it off my system.


Name rings a bell, anyone have a video of him presenting?


The Prime7 News YouTube account can help you out there.


Here’s one I recorded nearly a year ago


Judging by the YouTube uploads, Kenny Heatley still presented Prime7 Local News last night.


Thanks, now I remember!


Local Dam spelt and pronounced incorrectly.

Should be Chichester “Chy-chester” and not “Chin-chester”.

I know it’s done from Canberra, but surely it’s not hard to check these things.