Prime7 & GWN7 Local News


That’s interesting as Noel just mentioned their YouTube channel to catch-up on local news.


I’m surprised they haven’t added any colour to the backdrop yet considering how bland it is.


This one is up;

then the next night’s isn’t, but then Friday’s is. They’ve since amended the v/o in the intro.


Lizzie (Liz) Gwynn filled in for Maddie tonight. I really enjoy seeing her present the news and weather. I was a bit hesitant about who would’ve replaced Natalie Forrest at first, but Liz has improved heaps since she first started reading the updates. She’s a great presenter :smile:


Border content from Wednesday:


That’s such a good presenting team Prime have there - easily better than what WIN and Nine have in the region.


I can’t find much info online but judging by the “Coming Up” previews in local bulletins posted to YouTube, I’d guess that Daniel Gibson presented his final edition of Prime7 News at 6.30 last Friday night.

The Openers for Prime7 Local News have been updated to Kenny/Liz versions (along with a new shot of Karl Lijnders for consistency), so I guess that confirms the presenter change:

Edit: Appears to be a temporary change for three months. No idea what Dan is up to during that time though!


Daniel Gibson was presenting 6:55 pm weather updates last week, but Karl is back presenting them this week, which I’m pleased to see.

Nothing wrong with Daniel really, but I do like Karl as a weather presenter, I prefer him to Gavin Morris on NBN actually.


Opener with Liz Gwynn
(have to watch on YT)


Night-time updates were with Madeleine Collignon as well tonight


A couple of posts to Dan’s Facebook page indicate he’s on leave.

I assumed Madeleine was on leave if Liz is filling in on the bulletins proper, but she’s doing the updates? Who’s presenting the 6.30 bulletin in place of Dan?


Madeleine is presenting the 6.30 news


Traralgon Noodle Updates:



Sydney and Melbourne pop-up side by side:


Green screen working a little too well in the first video clip.
Can see bits of the weather map through the guy’s jacket


Wonder what that’s about…


Obviously lined up to replace Karl on TODAY.


dont think so .ben fordgam is karls successor


It was a joke.


New weather graphics used tonight for the first time


New graphics (you need to watch on YouTube)