Prime - On-Air Presentation 2003-04



Sponsor Billboard:

Classification Warning:

Movie Opener:

Start Of Program PRG:


Promo Endtags:


Loving this sort of stuff lately Zampakid. Thanks.

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No problem. I’ve still got a lot of tapes to go through and see what other On-Air Presentations/News I can contribute to the Vault. :slight_smile:

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You look at some of those programs and can see why Nine was the ratings leader during this period. In saying that I loved the aussie content and Prime branding. “Round and round, up and down, through the streets of your town” is etched in my memory permanently because of that campaign. Very effective.

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Not having the rights to either of Australia’s two biggest Winter sports also didn’t help the ratings of Seven/Prime during this time period.

While I’m here…I know these are from the On-Air Presentation package that came after this, but here’s a few caps (just about all I’ve got on hand right now, until I can find the Sponsor Billboard for the Athens Coverage again) from 2004 during the Athens Olympics:

Now, compare that fairly subtle watermarking effort for Sport to the efforts of another regional network around the same time period…