Prime On-Air Presentation 1995-96



more coming soon


Promo Endtags:


Was never a fan of This is Where we live era.

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It is nearly 25 years old of course, but this look hasn’t aged too well! The first three promo endtags in particular look really dated.


I always thought after there late 80s/early 90s look it was a major step down in presentation. It reminded me of a regional on air mid eighties look.


I always disliked prime as whole till they merged with 7 there primeon7 was a hole lost worse

Since when did Kangaroo Valley become Berry?

I remember Ellen airing on Ten but nothing about it being on Seven/Prime.

That’s actually Ellen the sitcom.

Yes, what else would I be referring to?

Berry is a small village in the Shoalhaven region on New South Wales’ south coast.

Recently came across the full 1995 This Is Where We Live theme. Probably the best to come out of regional television IMO.

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