Post your TV bandscans/channel surfing videos

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Thanks to Seven, more FTA channels than ever before. Hopefully the other networks do the same :smile:

How do you have 7HD?

isn’t 7 in HD on streaming?

I see the point of having 7 from the metros but why bother with the regional Queensland ones? Seems like overkill. Unless you want to be able to watch seven local news in Townsville and Cairns one time.

Yes streaming only at this stage.

There’s a lot of overkill in my setup :slightly_smiling:
Normally I wouldn’t bother with most of those channels, especially the shopping ones.

Hi Sifon,

Thanks for the video!

I noticed you had ‘SC10 Newcastle’ on your Central Coast reception there, I’m assuming it was from the Forresters Beach/Wyong site?

I have been meaning to send off an email to SCTEN to find out if/when there’ll be a ‘SC10 Central Coast’ feed… it kinda perplexes me that for a region of 300,000 that there is no local feed, even for just ads. It doesn’t seem like it’s on air from Bouddi or Gosford sites either, probably part of the Eason, but yet SCA still promote SCTEN on their local stations in 2GO/SEA.

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Love your set up!
What software do you use to get all of those channels on your computer?

Kodi plus Mediaportal 1.13 for tv and IPTV Simple Client for streaming