Plex Media Server

So while I am on enforeced leave, I want to convert my DVDs to digital files and use Plex Media Server to run them. But the issue I have is that my macbook has limited space. Does anyone have any experience using Plex & using an external HDD? I have an android TV I want to run it through.

While you can use an external HHD to index your plex library, it might be troublesome when you disconnect the HHD (unless you specifically stop the server app while the HHD is disconnected).

Plex does allow you to select which folder to find files from (so selecting a folder on the HHD is not a problem).

In such a case, my recommended solution is to build yourself a cheap server to host it off 24/7.

Plex servers do not need to be massive PCs. (I’m using an old 2014 machine I built to host my server).

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