Planet Lulin

New ABC comedy F.A.N.G is out of this world!

Cameras are rolling on a coming-of-age sci-fi comedy for tweens.

Year 6 can be an alienating time – especially when you’re an extra-terrestrial!

ABC, Moody Street Kids and Princess Pictures are thrilled to announce filming has begun in Melbourne’s north-west on the extra-terrestrial, extra-imaginative series F.A.N.G (From A Nearby Galaxy).

Scorch marks instead of pimples, sparks instead of sweat – growing up is a whole lot of trouble when you’re human-Astoradian.

Twelve-year-old Lulin lives in the fictional Melbourne suburb of Bogger’s Marsh with her human dad, Ken, her extra-terrestrial nanna, Ezme, and a bad-tempered retired galactic invader, Bestro.

While Lulin has super-charged powers, they’re highly irregular thanks to her unusual human-Astoradianess. As Lulin starts experimenting, she soon realises that by accepting her differences and going her own way, she’s capable of some remarkable feats!

This otherworldly coming-of-age story will resonate with tweens as we follow Lulin’s sometimes awkward, but always hilarious, search for identity amongst her colliding worlds.

Featuring four-time Gold Logie winner Lisa McCune (Blue Heelers, How to Stay Married) as Lulin’s Astoradian nanna, Ezme, and introducing a stellar cast of young talent – Nina Gallas as Lulin, Uma Dumais as Henri, Max Turner as Spider, Carlee Clements as Verjonica and Cassie Robb as Bestro, Primo and Supremeo – F.A.N.G will premiere early next year on ABC ME and ABC iview.

ABC’s Head of Children’s Libbie Doherty says “How brilliant do the cast look for F.A.N.G! We can’t wait to see the production rushes on this extra special, extra sparky, extra funny take on growing up and learning to embrace your uniqueness. Moody Street Kids and Princess Pictures thank you for bringing us this hilarious show with so much heart.”

Moody Street Kids Managing Director, Gill Carr says “What an incredible series to bring to life. We are absolutely thrilled to bring Melanie Sano’s first live action series to the screen. An exciting time for an Australian production.”

Princess Pictures Managing Director, Emma Fitzsimons says “We’re so thrilled to be working with such a talented cast and crew, and our friends at the ABC to bring this unique and hilarious project to young audiences. Of course, we couldn’t do that without the investment and support from Screen Australia and VicScreen.”

Screen Australia’s Head of Content Grainne Brunsdon says “We are excited to support the incredibly talented team behind F.A.N.G (From A Nearby Galaxy) to bring their hilarious and engaging coming-of-age story to Australian audiences. I have no doubt F.A.N.G will excite and entertain young viewers, but also engage the whole family with its fresh and unique perspective. I can’t wait to see it on the ABC.”

VicScreen CEO, Caroline Pitcher says “From Round the Twist to Turn Up the Volume, Victoria has long been home to much-loved, premium children’s television. We are proud to be backing this intrinsically Victorian production from homegrown talent, Melanie Sano and we can’t wait for this rip-roaring, kaleidoscopic series to captivate audiences across the nation.”

Production Credit: F.A.N.G (From A Nearby Galaxy) is a Moody Street Kids and Princess Pictures production for ABC. Major production investment from Screen Australia and ABC. Financed with support from VicScreen. International sales by ABC Commercial. Created by Melanie Sano. Producers: Pennie Brown, Antje Kulpe. Directors: Craig Irvin, Sarah Hickey, Nina Buxton. Executive Producers: Gill Carr, Emma Fitzsimons. ABC Executive Producer: Mary-Ellen Mullane.


Lisa McCune is playing a nanna now. :open_mouth:

Now called Planet Lulin, the series starts New Year’s Day (Monday) at 5pm.

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Planet Lulin

From 1 January 5:00 pm

Lulin wasn’t expecting to get alien powers or have intergalactic invaders crash the school science omp, but hey, grade six always has a few surprises!

Twelve-year-old LULIN (Nina Gallas) has a human dad and an Astoradian extra-terrestrial mum – and she’s just learnt how to blast energy waves out of her fingers! Sweet!

Unfortunately, her astrawaves have been tracked by Megaheads; intergalactic invaders in the form of little girls, who are hunting down Astoradians and banishing them to the Void! Less sweet! Not that Lulin has any idea.

She’s too busy trying to win SCI-BOG; the school science comp, with her pals HENRI (Uma Dumais) and SPIDER (Max Turner), all the while dealing with her other extra-terrestrial growing changes. Scorch marks! Wonky astrawaves! Magnetism! Slime!

Lulin’s dad, KEN (Kevin Hofbauer), and her extra-terrestrial nanna, EZME (Lisa McCune), want to help, but as Lulin’s the first human-Astoradian, no one knows what to expect. Not even the super intelligent (and super grumpy) retired Megahead invader, BESTRO (Cassie Robb), who lives in the attic.

It’s not long before Lulin’s strange behaviour catches the attention of seemingly perfect VERJONICA (Carlee Clements), rival SCI-BOGGER. Verjonica vows to discover Lulin’s secret, whatever it takes. Looks like Lulin will need to master her growing powers, protect her extra-terrestrial truth, win SCI-BOG and escape the Megaheads all at once. No pressure!

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I didn’t know it had a different name before this was posted. When I heard it was called Planet Lulin, I thought it was Asian.

I don’t think FANG was a better title but From A Nearby Galaxy would have been best.

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