Pirate Radio

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I picked up one of those ‘Christmas light pirates’ on 93.4 one year. It ID’d as ‘Banool Street FM’.


Bingo! Check out 1:12 mark of this clip — features both that song & a sign with that frequency on it :yum:


Yeah just wondering if he got a Knock on the door from ACMA after that story went to air as I send the story when it aired and noticed how 9 had clearly showed the frequency and that he was playing music

That close to Christmas? I’m thinking no. Usually a complaint needs to be made, lucky to cover a full block of the neighbourhood.

Assumed Pirate broadcasting pop music on 1674 khz in Melbourne. It is not Radio Haanji as it does not match the online stream. Identifies as “Surf City Sound”. Could it be a relay of 87.6 Surf FM Frankston? Edit: Does not match with Surf FM either.

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Surf City Sound was a radio station, formerly broadcast on 1674 kHz in the AM narrowband from Werribee South in Melbourne’s West. Previously, the station aired between 12:00 hrs. midday Fridays and 12:00 hrs. midday Sundays, with Jewish formatted Lion 1674 broadcasting on the same frequency during the rest of the week.[4]

The station went to air on 23 December 2011, with the first song to air being On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez and featuring Pitbull. Surf City Sound began a new partnership in March 2015, on the 1674AM frequency, with Hindi and Punjabi broadcaster Radio Haanji. However, Surf FM will programme the station for two hours on weekdays between the hours of 12.00 and 14:00 Monday to Friday.[1]


Pirate broadcasting Asian music on 130.900mhz on Air Band in Melbourne.

Perhaps they’re overindulging in their Chinese New Year?

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An Unused Frequency in Perth is 106.5 FM MHz as i’m worried 102.5 and 104.1 would Interfere with Commercial Radio In Lancelin.

I thought 6PR had been trying to get 106.5 for Waneroo and Rockingham translators ala 6IX as their 10kw upgrade on 882 didn’t appear to improve coverage as hoped?

When the Perth LAP was finalised in October 2001, 6PR chose not to pursue on installing FM translators. Instead, they were proposing (along with an eventual power increase to 10kW) to relocate their AM TX to Hamersley in Perth’s northern suburbs. The TX move did not go ahead, in which they instead transmit out of Ascot in Perth’s inner east, not far from the Airport.

Source: ABA News Release 65, 2001

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Thanks, but I thought they had another crack at getting 106.5 only a few years ago?

They did too, when ACMA released their Draft Variation for Perth LAP in March 2009: https://www.acma.gov.au/-/media/Broadcast-Carriage-Policy/Issue-for-comment/pdf/ep-perth_draft_lap_variation_1_of_09-pdf.pdf?la=en

But when it was finalised a few months later, 6PR again chose not to pursue on installing FM translators.


What in the world holds them back each time?

A Japanese pirate has found an appreciative audience in the Hunter


Thanks for this!

I’ve wondered what this is.

It’s on 89.3, and I think the operator has turned up the wick on the TX as last week it was stronger than I’ve ever heard it.


This station is now off air.

Not sure if it was forced off by the ACMA or what happened.


@AustralianAerial, I cannot read the article, could you please post or PM it.

What was the content?