Parcel Tracking

Thought this would be a good place to discuss the tracking of Parcels but I also need help with one.

I bought a product from Taobao/Aliexpress and my parcel is coming with a company called “Yunda Express” which I have never heard of before. Would anyone know how they deliver? Does it just end up in Auspost’s hands once it reaches Aus? The latest information on the tracking number shows it was delivered to “4px Logistics Park, Shatian Town, Dongguan City” in which I believe 4PX is another shipping company? If anyone else would be able to help me with this I’d appreciate it.

Try Aftership -

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Most of the time this is the case unless they have some sort of agreement with a different local courier (e.g. Toll).

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Thanks, I tried Aftership and the latest tracking events say,

“Your Package has arrived at Container” And “Your package has been put into storage”

I think container means it’s going by ship but idk why it has been put into storage. I guess I’ll just have to wait a few more weeks or months before it arrives.

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