Paramount Australia & New Zealand

This deal it would seem will allow for the Australian operations to continue unchanged in the short term. They’d be other plans afoot in the medium to long term.

Hopefully something can be done with P+ globally so it can survive. Let’s hope a tie up with Max could come about somehow.

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It is also important to note that this agreement includes a 45-day ‘go-shop’ provision, allowing Paramount to seek other bids or offers from interested parties. If a rival bid is submitted, both parties will have an additional 10 days to agree to terms.

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Does this affect Channel 10? Unfortunately, no Paramount+ in New Zealand… yet.

Article doesn’t really say much regarding the international networks. Just they’re there, it’s business as usual for now and there are no publicly flagged intentions to sell them off. Deadline seems to expect P+ is in for a shakeup internationally.

The incoming president of Paramount spoke about linear being a strong business, but seems to just be talking about CBS. Will be interesting to see if this applies internationally too.

The takeover isn’t until Q3 2025, so I doubt anything is changing about 10 until sometime after that.


During a town hall last week, McGarvey reassured staff that Paramount — which owns Network 10 — did not have short-term plans to cut local jobs, despite significant layoffs at Seven West Media and Nine Entertainment, according to three sources familiar with the meeting. But she did not rule out cuts altogether.

The two executives spoke to analysts earlier this week. “There are assets here which we think are not strategic to where we’re going that, if we were to get a buyer to pay a price that we thought was compelling, we would absolutely do that,” Shell said, according to Bloomberg.

“I know current management is also talking about a couple of transactions that, if they get the right price, we’ll be supportive of.”

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Would have to be tempting to sell or shutter Ten and keep P+ around

The question is, who would offer to buy the 10 Network? Newscorp have always wanted it.


There are very few people in Australia who have the money to buy 10.

Perhaps it will be sold to a private equity company.

Mmm, one thing that might be going for 10, is after years of integration with CBS and now Paramount it may be difficult to unbundle it into a separate business. I’m thinking general content supply, soccer, Nickelodeon, Pluto tv on 10 play, office accommodation, probably countless back office admin and sales functions. There’s probably other examples… anyone that bought it would likely at least have to pay content supply costs (either back to Paramount or elsewhere).

Basically, they’re both better off as a bigger company in Australia.

What ultimately happens with Paramount+ (eg: if that’s merged with another streamer) and CBS (eg: if Paramount decide to get out of television) will probably be the biggest factors on where 10 goes in the long run.


Don’t know about 10 specifically, but I think there were rumours of Warner-Discovery sniffing around some of Paramount’s assets.

I can tell you that Paramount Global has always seen Australia as quite a strategically important market.

The benefit of having a FTA network to promote and market P+ Should not be underestimated

Paramount cheifs have talked about that. WBD has it too in the Nordics and Poland with regards to their max launch there - and it’s considered a major upper hand


What’s the point when people no longer watch Channel 10, due to no investment into the station? Paramount have put fuck all into Network 10. And that been the problem for the past 5 years.

People do watch channel 10.

Young adults - exactly the type of demo that subscribes to streaming services.

Paramount has invested in 10 relative to market size, opportunity and ad revenue potential. FTA is a declining medium and 10 has been the #3 network for 25 years - no one is going to come in and invest disproportionately large sums of money into a declining business model.

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Well that’s a positive for 10. No way Sony would keep it.

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Last stats I saw on the AU market was that P+ was the fastest growing streaming service in Oz

Netflix is largely tapped out. Binge was flat. P+ had most growth.


Growth from an extremely small base.