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Has many Adelaideans having Trouble picking up 1629am on their Transistors or AM?FM Stereos?


Has SEN Adelaide started?


No, starts on the 6th December. Their app has an SEN SA stream on it which just has a “coming soon” loop.


Sometime in the last hour the broadcast on 1629 has switched from Radio Italia Uno to the SEN SA loop. Kicking myself that I didn’t keep the SDR stream from Adelaide on this morning to hear the switchover (I’m in Perth) as it’s literally just happened in the last hour. I was expecting to monitor it for a switch more around midnight SA time, which may still happen as they switch from the loop to an actual relay of SEN (until they start their first local broadcast).


The name “SEN SA” is pointless. I can see why, as they probably want to push the fact it’s not a repeat of the SEN1323 days where even Melbourne traffic was broadcast into Adelaide.

But surely the name SEN alone would make more sense.

Nothing’s worse than having local broadcasts refer to a different name than during network shows.


I can hear the promo loop on an SDR atm


Just incase anyone wants to hear the promo loop for SEN SA.


The quality of the AM 1629 reception is quite good. What suburb is the receiver located in?


They are relaying SEN+ from Melbourne atm with Melbourne traffic, news and Ads. plus alot of dead air


The stream is cutting out at the end of every over and back in again, blocking out the Melbourne ads I presume, but surely they have advertising sorted for SEN SA?

I also noticed this morning they had a bit of trouble linking to the news on several occasions from the outside broadcast at Adelaide Oval.


Do they have an official stream out yet? I’m just listening on an SDR

Edit: Dw found it


Oh god more news


I was listening through here:

But couldn’t stand the dead air interruptions so switched to the SEN+ stream.


“Sunny in Melbourne 32 Degrees this is SEN Cricket”


How wonderful - 2005 all over again.


People in Adelaide are probably thinking where the hell is Deer Park, Drouin and Brunswick…


I hate to say the SEN 2018 Adelaide expantion of SEN will end in tears like the last expantion of SEN into Adelaide nearly did in 2005… a warning ti Craig Huchison and management at Pacifuc Stqr network.


Could have told them that without them wasting the money to establish there again.


But without the ratings juggernaut of MSR in Adelaide wouldn’t you think SEN would have a decent chance of rating a percent or two.