Pacific Star Network


I don’t see why PSN would rebrand it though, 2 weeks ago they just rebranded their website and added sen+ but Aussie Digital and Kool is still on there?


Although I never heard them personally, it’s sad to hear that Melbourne’s unique DAB+ music stations seem to have been axed in favour of simulcast/overflow channels for more sports coverage. Doesn’t the market already have enough sports stations in addition to a not insignificant amount of coverage provided by 3AW, ABC Melbourne & Triple M?

As for the off-band AM station in Adelaide, I reckon it’ll probably last about as long on air as EON Sports did.


I don’t think it is legal for them to have the same feed on Multiple frequencies at the same time is it?


SEN are asking people to call up and get something off your chest… I could ring them up and discuss this…


Just had a look at and Aussie and Koool have already been removed from the list of digital radio stations.


Its not KOOL What Craig Hutchinson is doing. Having having 4 SEN stations on DAB is wasting bandwidth and that bandwidth could be put to better use like having Fun Super Digi/Zoo Super Digi, 2CH from Sydney

ACMA should step in and shut it down

I have Craigs Phone Number: (03) 8825 6600 for those who want to complain to him


Looking up that phone number on google brings me to Must be another side business of Hutchinsons…


I got that phone number from the PSN SA Press Release


It is the actual phone number but they do have two more (03)84201116 and (03) 8420 1167 Also has the email contact information of PSN as, and


Seems ridiculous to have 4 SEN sports stations on DAB. Pity to lose the music alternatives. I have a feeling they’re trying to see off MSR by posturing first with SEN plus on AM and now this. I think it’s trying to send a message to MSR that SEN will pull out all stops to crush them.


Presumably the stations will morph into:
SEN - main channel with most popular sports (ie cricket and aussie rules)
SEN+ Basketball
SEN Rugby League
SEN Soccer

Most of the times the stations will have the same content, with SEN+ having some different programming to make sure ACMA doesn’t need to revisit the 3EE/3MP simulcasting issue from many years back.

When live events occur, forseeable, SEN could even drop to lower bit rates on digital to add a fifth station - given talk doesn’t need the same bandwidth as music.

Anyway, just some random crystal ball gazing.

As for SEN1629, “the Money Pit” would be a good educational movie for the management team.


If the rumours are true, there’s a fair chance SEN is the one in trouble.
Think the line up of Hungry for Sport, The Run Home and Finey is potentially a game changer.


Classic Rock Radio had a 5% rating and SEN+ has a 3% rating in listeners… Just goes to show which one is the most popular…


This is a huge shame. Aussie was a great station - nothing else like it on Melbourne radio. I wonder if Rhythmos will be replaced with Greek sports talk just to complete things?

The SEN offices still are covered in Classic Rock Radio logos (well as of yesterday at least) so they are so invested in this venture that they won’t even replace the logos. Maybe they are rightfully too ashamed to put SEN+ up in lights given it is borderline as to the legality of a 90% simulcast on two AM stations.

I believe that - and I’m sure someone can correct me here - even when they were simulcasting, 3EE used to add in Football coverage that wasn’t carried on 3MP - yet that wasn’t enough to stop the regulator acting in that case.

Where are you getting those made up numbers from?


And today. About the only thing worth looking out for from the train line around Burnley station (aside from the expensive European car dealerships)


Those “made up” numbers were left on my petition by someone lmao


How is this whole SEN “expansion” allowed? Especially the SEN+ mess?

Is ACMA waiting for a member of the public to complain?


I wonder if Craig will replace Rhythmos with SEN 4 since PSN owns that DAB station as well

We should have a public protest at their swan street studio

Craig/PSN should put SEN+ 1377 in the radio ratings to see how well its doing


They lease the DAB+ spectrum to Rythmos so probably not unless they really need the spectrum back.


Radio Today has picked up on the story this morning.