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SEN has picked a good team for their cricket coverage.


I agree the 2 ladies are a good selection. Haven’t heard Huddo do cricket for years but he’s great at everything else. Rest is very meh personally.


So Whateley and Katich come from the ABC. I also believe Mel Jones also did some ABC coverage of the women’s ashes last year. Fleming comes from Macquarie.
Everyone else are new recruits and fresh voices for cricket on the radio.


Heverin went to RSA when SEN did that, was vanilla.
Jones and Sthalekar have both worked previously for the ABC I think.
It just comes across as a very pompous and boring commentary team led by self proclaimed captain, Gerard Whateley. Probably wouldn’t be to out of place on the ABC actually.


Anthony Hudson in 2005 Called 2 Test Matches for SEN live from New Zealand.


Crocmedia have collected rights to one NFL game per round. The crowd went mild.


Crocmedia will also broadcast the next two Super Bowls as part of the expanded deal with the NFL. I assume Crocmedia will relay Westwood One’s broadcast?


Crocmedia secures NFL radio rights on SEN … as they were the only one who asked.


Can’t imagine how boring American Football would sound on the radio. Fair dinkum, the grass can grow between plays.


It’s boring enough on TV!! I guess it suits the House of Hutch, little bit of play with a lot of ads,


They’d probably relay a US broadcaster during the season but for at least the Superbowl I imagine they’ll endeavour to send Gerard Whateley to commentate again like they did this year.


Pacific Star is selling Morrison Media Services to Nextmedia for $2.4 million. Morrison publishes Frankie Magazine and Smith Journal.


Bought for $10 million, so they lost $7.6 million on the deal. Wow.


Where’s the Stations are?


Just called my station Classic Rock Radio!


Cheaper to run a music station without announcers plus Overload from SEN on 1377.


Given they can seemingly get away with a near total simulcast - they’ve saved on music royalties.


Begs the question, since Hutchy loves the USA, I’m surprised he didn’t try to reach a deal with ESPN and re-brand SEN+ as ESPN?

Use the ESPN Radio programming as a spine, mixed with some SEN best of’s and overflow live sports programming.


The cost to license the “ESPN” name wouldn’t be cheap.


That’s OK, Hutchy would flog off more sponsorship opportunities.