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Sam Bingley
Chief Commercial Officer and General Manager - SEN

Try maybe emaiing Sam Bingley about this


Didn’t have time to check on my PC based receiver, but after a rescan of my radio it was still showing up as ClassicRockRadio.

Didn’t expect them to be literally simulcasting, hope that the ACMA can actually show some teeth and put a stop to that.


Sent my complaint to Mr. Bingley too!


It’s not a direct simulcast. Seemed to have different ads and SEN+ program promos. Also different traffic/weather segments at different times to SEN. When SEN breakfast this morning went to a Sportsbet update SEN+ was running traffic updates for example.

Trying to get around the rules I guess.


The amount of Advertising propaganda for it on SEN’s website is astounding!
Also it looks like someone designed the banners on Microsoft Word or Powerpoint!


Keep us up to date if you get a reply from them :slight_smile:


Was announced Friday morning that Meredith Gibbs (I believe she has worked in tv but the name is unknown to me) will be reading news during Breakfast. I’m unsure if it is only breakfast or not though.
EDIT: Gibbs just did the 10am news, so I’m none the wiser. Just aware that it’s more than breakfast. And is quite solid as a newsreader.
EDIT x2: Stephanie Hobbs has taken over from Gibbs at noon. So it seems that the use of Macquarie News has been heavily downsized.


Could 2CH in Sydney Follow Suit and go all Christian Talk, an US Format?


Yeah, she used to be a reporter for NBN News in Newcastle. A fairly recent addition to the SEN newsroom, if I’m not mistaken.

Eww, I hope not.

Although the station has its problems, it’d be better if 2CH’s current format of (mostly) “Easy Classics” could be retained for as long as possible so Sydney has at least one music-based station on AM! That and because there’s songs being played on 2CH that Sydney’s FM stations have long abandoned.


Hopelly PSN/Crocmedia will put SEN+ in the radio ratings since I would like to see how SEN 1116, SEN+ 1377 and MSR go


Just flicked it on again and SEN+ appears to be replaying parts of Gerard Whateley’s program from this morning while SEN has regular KB and The Doc on.


Yeah the stream on Radioapp has that, but the station details haven’t changed.


Yes, the two were hired very recently. Today was the first day that SEN hadn’t relied heavily on Macquarie News to fulfil that service. Stephanie Hobbs is also quite good, not as good as Gibbs, but still a worthwhile addition.


Still using Macquarie’s Newsmaker service though.
Even half hour news bulletins today too on both SEN and SEN+ I think.


Would the news bulletin changes be due to MSR (Syd + Bris) doing half hour updates during breakfast? Not sure if MSR Melb is doing the same.


Yes, been doing half hourly bulletins. And as far as I could tell, SEN+ has been a simulcast of SEN today, so obviously the bulletins have been on both!


Nope. Not a full simulcast. See my previous posts.


Lmao, It seems the petition I started has been spread by a website called “radiotoday” We are now up to 42 signatures!


They did say there would be catch up radio. Outside of live sport, unless they’re going to develop new programming, it’s a waste of time. When I was listening today, it was a simulcast, aware it won’t be all the time.


I’m now switching over to KOOL… We should ask them to make a livestream for KOOL!