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Sony will feel right at home, much of the Guardian’s content is content dressed up as news.

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Sounds reminiscent of the recording of the DDQ Toowoomba pre aggregation sackings. Available on YouTube.

More demonstration of their unashamed bias. As bad as The Australian is for the right.

We need more non partisan publications with a focus on integrity of news publishing.

Newspapers have always had op-ed pages, that’s where opinions should be left, not in the articles.

This is a fact the Nine Newspapers have long abandoned and their bias certainly doesn’t align with the conspiracy theory of news fitting the wishes of Chairman Peter Costello.

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In her first media column for 2024 today, The Guardian Australia’s Amanda Meade writes that the Sydney bureau of The New York Times has been quietly scaled back and is now under review. There are now just two locally based reporters left: bureau chief Damien Cave and Natasha Frost. Other staff members have moved to other roles within the paper.

Most people don’t read the editorials. Newspapers have always influenced readers through columnists and also their Scott Palmer/Terry McCrann/Bruce Wilson-esque sports/business/politics correspondents.

And those columns are also marked as opinion, that’s my point, they’re marked as such.

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Business as usual then. They’re virtually twins.