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Has Optus Sport gone onto retail Fetch boxes yet?


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Has Optus Sport gone onto retail Fetch boxes yet?
[/quote] Mine just received an update Optus Sports 1 - 11 now showing although only Optus Sports 1 is showing programs


okay, so Optus have set up the new encoder (HEVC and AVC for older boxes)and distribution server for retail fetch boxes


Noticed it now on mine, don’t have a subscription so can’t access anything with it but I’m very happy to see I’ve finally got the full suite of WIN channels back again! Not that I ever watch.


mine hasnt updated yet


Optus Sport’s coverage of inaugural UEFA Nations League began early Thursday morning (September 6) with coverage of Kazakhstan v Georgia. Richard Bayliss hosted the telecast, with Michael Bridges and Paul Okon as analysts, and Mark Schwarzer and Ned Zelic reporting from the sideline of Germany v France at Munich.


Optus Sport will be showing EVERY group match of UEFA Champions League this season, which is a big improvement from previous years when only 2-3 matches per day were shown live on ESPN or beIN Sports. The match schedule can be found here


Big question re Optus coverage, will there be new graphics for their playback error message? :wink:



beIN did show every game live - the ones which didn’t air on TV aired on their streaming platform ‘beIN Sports Connect’


Optus said it had fixed the streaming problems since the World Cup debacle, I will believe it when there are no complaints on social media tomorrow morning.



One of Europe’s premier football tournaments, the UEFA Champions League kicks off this Wednesday morning, live and exclusive only on Optus Sport.

Some of Europe’s biggest clubs including Barcelona, Inter Milan, Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool will kick-off their campaign on Wednesday morning as they compete for the most prestigious international club competition in the world.

As part of the first group stage matches, some classic match-ups are scheduled, including heavyweights Inter Milan versus Harry Kane’s Tottenham Hotspur along with last year’s champions Real Madrid taking on Roma.

Optus’ Head of TV and Content Corin Dimopoulos said, “The Optus Sport team are excited to be delivering every match of the UEFA Champions League as part of its commitment to becoming the home of European football in Australia.”

“Optus Sport’s live coverage will call upon an array of experts with European football experience both in studio and around the grounds,” Mr Dimopoulous said.

“Michael Bridges, Thomas Sorensen and Paul Okon will join host Richard Bayliss in the studio, while Socceroos greats Mark Schwarzer and Ned Zelic will be pitch side to provide their expert insight and analysis.”

“Schwarzer and Zelic will also be joined on the ground by presenter Jules Breach, who appeared as a host during Optus Sport’s World Cup coverage.”

“We will continue to tap into a range of expert commentators, hosts and analysts to complement our lives matches as we move forward to ensure a modern viewing experience for our customers,” Mr Dimopoulos added.

“If customers don’t want to get up in the early hours of the morning, they can catch the match highlights that morning on their way to work or watch every match on demand either in full or through our popular mini-match format.”

The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious international club competition in the world and Optus Sport will show be showing every match, starting this Wednesday and continuing through until the final in 2019.

Over the next 12 months the programming slate for Optus Sport now includes every match of the Premier League season, every match of the UEFA Champions League, the new UEFA Nations League, every match of the UEFA Europa League, the first ever Nations League finals tournament and every match of the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

To access all of Optus Sport content, customers can subscribe to Optus Sport for $14.99 per month or take up an eligible Optus plan where it can be added as an optional extra for no cost.

To view the fixtures or keep up to date with the latest news, analysis and reactions for the upcoming UEFA Champions League or this year’s English Premier League you can visit the Optus Sport website here


Did they solve it?


With the third round of the FA Cup starting this coming weekend, will Optus Sport be taking coverage of it? ESPN no longer has the rights to it, and beIN Sports and Fox Sports were both not interested.


I was surprised that soccer websites in Australia didn’t pick up on lack of TV coverage of FA Cup. If the issue isn’t resolved soon then fans will have to wait until the SBS broadcast of the final in May for any FA Cup coverage.
A betting website is (legally) streaming some of third round matches this weekend.


Optus is believed to have made a bid for the television rights to the Rugby World Cup in Japan, The Daily Telegraph is reporting. Optus is claiming they have solved the technical problems that hampered their soccer World Cup coverage. Fox Sports/Kayo are also believed to have put in a bid for the Rugby World Cup, as has Ten apparently.


I am not surprised Optus is bidding for RWC rights after what happened in New Zealand last year in which Spark (formerly Telecom NZ) acquired the broadcast rights to the tournament.


Its a shame I can’t access the article on the internet, as normally I will be able to view the whole article via their Twitter accounts.


Sporting News has a good summary on the Daily Telegraph article.


Rugby Australia should be getting in the ear of World Rugby/whoever is selling the rights and making sure they don’t go to Optus. While there will no doubt be a required TV onsell/partnership, rugby needs FTA exposure for its top tournament in Australia, especially if the Wallabies make a run to the final like in 2015.

Great Timezone too.


Optus extends UEFA Champions League and Europa League coverage through YouTube and Twitter

Optus Sport, the exclusive home of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and UEFA Europa League (UEL) in Australia, is kicking off the year with trialling an innovative new digital arrangement to extend its football coverage to give fans the chance to watch selected Optus Sport matches via Twitter and YouTube.

The arrangement will see Optus Sport transmit a total of 10 matches between February and April 2019 on the Optus Sport channels through the social media platforms.

This will include six live UEL matches on Twitter and four live UCL matches on YouTube, starting with the live broadcast of Tottenham against Dortmund in the last 16 of the UEFA Champions League on the Optus Sport YouTube channel.

“These exciting collaborations with YouTube and Twitter mark a major opportunity to leverage the world’s biggest international club competitions and amplify our incredible live programming of these tournaments,” Optus’ Head of TV and Content Corin Dimopoulos said.

Mr Dimopoulos added while similar types of partnerships have been rolled out overseas, it is the first time that regular competitive football matches will be made available this way in Australia.

“Optus Sport is illustrating continued innovation by opening our Optus Sport broadcasts through our YouTube and Twitter channels,” he said.

“We will continue to showcase our exceptional live productions and at-ground presence which we have successfully delivered since securing the rights of these two competitions this season.

“This is a terrific digital partnership with two great platforms to provide fans of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League an opportunity to enjoy our content.”

The two separate arrangements will run from February 2019 through to April 2019 as follows:
• UEFA Champions League: Optus Sport YouTube channel - two games from round of 16 phase and two games from the Quarter-finals transmitted live
• UEFA Europa League: Optus Sport Twitter page - two games from round of 32, two games from round of 16 phase, and two games from the Quarter-finals transmitted live

“Football is one of the biggest drivers of conversation on Twitter in Australia, so we’re excited to collaborate with Optus Sport to bring these live matches from the UEFA Europa League to Twitter,” says Olly Wilton, Twitter Australia Head of Sports Partnerships.

“Passionate football fans will need to look no further than Optus Sport and Twitter to keep up to date with what is happening during the knockout phase.”

YouTube Australia Sports Partnerships Lead Andrew Peterson said, "Over the past six months, Optus Sport has done a fantastic job establishing its YouTube channel as the home for European football highlights. We’re thrilled to be working with the team at Optus to continue evolving their strategy and to bring selected live UEFA Champions League games to Aussie audiences on YouTube for the first time.”

Optus Sport games available live on Optus Sport Twitter page and Optus Sport YouTube channel broadcast schedule (10 games in total):

UEFA Champions League Round of 16 on Optus Sport YouTube channel

  1. Tottenham v Dortmund 14 February 7am AEDT
  2. Real Madrid v Ajax March 6 7am AEDT

UEFA Europa League Round of 32 on Optus Sport Twitter page
3. Malmo v Chelsea 15 February 7am AEDT
4. Valencia v Celtic 22 February 4.55am AEDT

UEFA Europa League Round of 16 on Optus Sport Twitter page
5. One game 8 March*
6. One game 15 March*

UEFA Champions League Quarter-finals on Optus Sport YouTube channel
7. One game 10/11 April*
8. One game 17/18 April*

UEFA Europa League Quarter-finals on Optus Sport Twitter page
9. One Game 12 April*
10. One Game 19 April*

*Games and times to be announced post draw