Hyundai Home Shopping channel launching 1 August 2019 on channel 75.


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This channel has some jobs advertised on Seek. The jobs are located “a short walk from Redfern station”.

Why? just why?

No one watches this crap.

I leave the country for one week and this happens

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It’s not about how many people watch, it’s about how many people buy.


Great. Can’t wait!!!

Didn’t Seven have 4ME not so long ago? This new channel will take up valuable spectrum. I think it will last only 12 months or so.


But how many people buy? How are these channels profitable? I just don’t know anyone that would sit down and watch a shopping channel. People can shop on the internet these days. It’s hard enough to sit through advertorials on shows like Studio 10 yet alone sit down and watch a channel of it.

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If only they get rid of the infomercials on The Morning Show and The Daily Edition… to justify this new shopping channel.

I know it aint gonna happen, but it is wishful thinking. Haha

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Most of these companies have significant worldwide reach so any expansion into other markets costs relatively little.

Here, you’re probably just paying for the airtime/transmission (plus those jobs being advertised) as they already have a stock base, distribution already set up

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It will be the first time a local TV shopping firm has made inroads into the Oceanian country, which has more than six million households that receive free terrestrial broadcasting.

Did they forget about TVSN?

Are they going to be all speaking in Korean with subtitles?

This company should get sued for their name (same as a well-known car company)…

P.S. Does anyone remember Fresh Ideas TV (Seven’s no-company infomercial channel)? From what I heard it was very similar to iShop TV, and their promos/ident lied (as with GOLD and Spree TV)…

Well, there goes any remaining hope (not that there was much) for a much needed 2nd HD channel from Seven! :confused:

It’s going to be interesting to see how they manage to fit in Seven in SD & HD along with 7TWO, 7mate, 7Flix, 7Food, RACING.COM and Open Shop - 7Flix might have to be switched back to MPEG4 along with this new one launching in that format?


No. It is a Korean news story about a Korean company. Local = Korean.

The motor company and shopping business were originally part of a large conglomerate that was broken up in 1997. There are numerous Hyundai named companies that have no to little legal relationship with each other.


@mvpmadsen Are there any Camera jobs going at the moment?

As Im a Camera Operator/Videographer myself & would be keen to apply if so.




I tried to click the link earlier but it wouldn’t open in safari, so I assumed the link was dead, but just opened it Chrome & it now works & I see the CCU listing.

So the job is basically to vision mix & I have experience in that, as well as the Remote Control Cameras, so Im defiantly going to apply and see how I go.

I am in my mid 20’s, but its worth a shot still.

Ill be sure to keep you guys updated :wink:


They’ve uploaded a launch promo/behind the scenes video on their YT channel:

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Who the F signed off on that logo.

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