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2 June 1962: New TV Station — CTC7, Canberra

2 June 1965: The documentary Birth traces the process in a real-life birth of the daughter of an ABC producer.

2 June 1978: ABC crosses to Argentina for live coverage of the FIFA World Cup – the opening ceremony and the first match between West Germany and Poland.

2 June 1979: The premiere of ABC series TV Follies revives the Hollywood era of musicals and dance sequences. The four-part series features mini-musicals inspired by the classic era. The opening episode, Chicago, features Max Cullen, Gus Mercurio, Noni Hazlehurst, Robyn Moase, David Atkins and Ron Blanchard.

2 June 1984: Jacki Weaver stars in the ABC musical The Girl From Moonooloo. Set in the 1940s, it tells the story of a post office clerk and part-time pianist (Weaver) who inadvertently becomes the star of a national radio serial. The special co-stars David Atkins, Henri Szeps, Noeline Brown, Margo Lee and Ivan Waters and features 12 Australian songs from that period.

2 June 1990: Kerry Packer regains control of the Nine Network in a $200 million deal with Bond Media — reported to be a quarter of what Bond paid to buy the network from Packer three years earlier.

2 June 1994: Comedy-drama series The Damnation Of Harvey McHugh (ABC) debuts, starring Aaron Blabey, Philip Quast and Monica Maughan.

2 June 1999: ABC premieres A Gondola On The Murray, the six-part series featuring Mildura restaurateur Stefano de Pieri.


3 June 1968: Melbourne’s GTV9 launches Today, with Mike Walsh and Bobo Faulkner

YouTube: Yogiew2

3 June 1984: Melbourne’s ATV10 changes its logo from “10” to “Ten” to bring it into line with its Sydney sister station, TEN10.

3 June 1992: The Nine Network presents coverage of Game Two of the Rugby League State Of Origin — NSW versus Queensland — from the Sydney Football Stadium.

3 June 1996: ABC premieres children’s series The Genie From Down Under. The Nine Network presents coverage of Game Two of the Rugby League State Of Origin — NSW versus Queensland — from the Sydney Football Stadium.

3 June 2001: Network Ten premieres two-part mini-series My Brother Jack, starring Matt Day, Simon Lyndon, Claudia Karvan and Jack Thompson.

3 June 2009: The Nine Network presents coverage of Game One of the Rugby League State Of Origin — Queensland versus NSW — from Etihad Stadium, Melbourne.


ATV’s logo was far superior


SAS Adelaide used the ATV “10 in a TV screen” logo around that same time.

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YouTube: d0nkeyshines


6 June 1967 (overnight into 7 June 1967): Television history is made with a live via satellite telecast from Australia’s Exhibition at Expo 67 in Montreal, Canada. ABC is host Australian broadcaster with its coverage fed to commercial channels for broadcasting commercial-free.

6 June 1992: Network Ten launches a new children’s program, The Shorn Sheep Show, featuring Joy Smithers.

6 June 1993: Seven‘s coverage of AFL State Of Origin — Tasmania versus Queensland — is from Bellerive Oval, Hobart.

6 June 1996: A special episode of Quantum (ABC) — titled I Compute, Therefore I Am — looks at the possibility of a conscious robot.

6 June 1999: ABC premieres the six-part drama See How They Run, an ABC-BBC co-production based on the children’s novel of the same name. Starring Peter O’Brien and Anne Looby.

6 June 2005: The Seven Network premieres the drama series Last Man Standing, starring Rodger Corser, Matt Passmore, Travis McMahon and Miriama Smith.

6 June 2007: SBS premieres four-part travel series Bluelist Australia, presented by Samuel Johnson.


Despite having Desperate Housewives as a lead-in, it struggled to attract viewers. It ended on a cliffhanger after 22 episodes.

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This was an ABC Kids programme IIRC.

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8 June 1985: Hey Hey It’s Saturday moves from 9.30pm to 6.30pm.

8 June 1992: ABC launches a new afternoon game show, Vidiot, hosted by Eden Gaha.

8 June 1993: ABC premieres the five-part documentary series Labor In Power, tracing the first ten years of the Hawke-Keating government.

8 June 1996: SBS‘ coverage of the Euro ’96 football championship begins with live coverage of the opening ceremony from Wembley Stadium, followed by the first match — England versus Switzerland.

6 June 1999: ABC presents a special 30th anniversary edition of current affairs program Behind The News, with host Tania Nugent.

8 June 1990: SBS begins its coverage of the FIFA World Cup from Italy. SBS was offering the most comprehensive World Cup coverage in Australian television history to date, with all 52 games broadcast live, or close to live due to some scheduling conflicts.

8 June 2001: To commemorate the Centenary of Federation, SBS premieres Hybrid Life, a 13-part series reflecting the experience of second and third generation Australians.

8 June 2005: Network Ten premieres Stooged with Rob Mills and Yvette Duncan.

8 June 2006: On the eve of the opening of the FIFA World Cup from Germany, SBS premieres The FIFA World Cup Show with Les Murray, Craig Foster and Tracey Holmes as a daily summary of events.


Was actually the 31st year of the show. As explained during the 50th anniversary celebrations in 2018 that during the show’s first year on air, it was simply called ‘Current Affairs’. The next year it was called Behind The News. The first season of the show was forgotten about till the tapes were found in the ABC archives many years later.

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It will always be strange to me to see Fat Cat on anything other than Seven. It made so much sense for SAS to switch with ADS and become a 7 station being that SAS was owned by TVW at that time. Naturally they shared a lot with each other as a result.

It reminds me of this ident which started with WNAC in Boston and was picked up by TVW. Both WNAC and TVW being 7 meant TVW could just use the song as it was, but SAS also used it while they were SAS-10 which meant they needed to update the lyrics…

Fat Cat also makes an appearance in this one too.

It was a strange time :slight_smile:

Side note: NBN also had their own version of this ident too.

Edit: Just in case anyone hasn’t seen them. Here are the TVW and NBN versions of that ident.

and the original from WNAC:

This song will be in my head all day now :slight_smile:


in the eastern states (and Adelaide), it was the other way around. FC was aligned with Ten for over a decade, and only had a few years run on Seven when the Adelaide swap saw Fat Cat And Friends change networks.


A couple of rare TVW-7 promos.

YouTube: John Slater


A discussion thread on this from the time:


the original reason why Hey Hey changed timeslots was because to accommodate Test Cricket coverage from England (it was an Ashes year). It ended up getting higher ratings at 6.30 so the timeslot stuck with it long after.


9/6/2023: Kochie signs off from Sunrise after over two decades at the helm of the show, during which he and Mel (and later Sam, then Nat) built the show from the bottom up to become Australia’s number one breakfast television show.

Good to see the show is continuing to maintain strong ratings under Nat and Shirvo.


Even after moving to 6:30pm, several episodes in 1985 finished early due to the cricket.

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10 June 1962: ABC premieres historical drama, The Patriots. The ten-episode series featured a cast of 26 actors, including Allan Trevor (as New South Wales Governor Darling), James Condon, Beverley Philiips, Nigel Lovell, Ruth Cracknell, Alastair Duncan, John Alden and Ken Goodlet.

Source: TV Times

10 June 1968: The Seven Network’s daytime soap opera Motel makes its Brisbane debut on BTQ7.

10 June 1992: The Nine Network premieres murder mystery game show Cluedo, featuring host Ian McFadyen and guest star Rod Mullinar as the show’s first ‘victim’.

10 June 1994: ABC premieres 13-part country music series Stampede, hosted by Neighbours star Bruce Samazan, featuring country music performances and video clips and interviews with country music stars.

10 June 1998 (overnight into 11 June): SBS begins coverage of the FIFA World Cup from France, starting with the Opening Ceremony followed by the first match — Brazil versus Scotland.

10 June 2004: The Seven Network premieres Medical Rookies, a factual series following a group of medical trainees at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital. Hosted by Jennifer Keyte.


“What’s going on, Darling?”