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7 May 1960: New TV Station — ABW2, Perth

7 May 1981: Melbourne’s ATV10 screens Prisoner In Concert, a variety special featuring the cast of Prisoner and staged at Pentridge Prison.

7 May 1983: Following the first round of programs aired in February 1982, SBS begins a second round of test transmissions of public access television from Open Channel. The Melbourne-based group was granted airtime on 7, 8 and 14 May 1983. Open Channel’s test transmissions became a predecessor to community TV channels being formed and licenced in later years.

7 May 1989: The 34th annual Eurovision Song Contest has a delayed telecast on SBS from Lausanne, Switzerland.

7 May 1992: Seven presents coverage of the AFL Centenary Match between Collingwood and Carlton on the 100th anniversary of the traditional rivals’ first match, from the MCG.

7 May 1995: Ray Martin hosts the two-hour special 50 Fantastic Years, highlighting how Australia has changed since the end of World War II — featuring segments presented by Daryl Somers, Reg Livermore, Deborah Hutton, Liz Hayes, Ken Sutcliffe, Mike Munro, Charles Wooley, Tracy Grimshaw and Richard Carleton.

7 May 2006: Bert Newton, Ray Martin, Daryl Somers, Lisa McCune and Georgie Parker co-host the 48th annual TV Week Logie Awards from the Crown Palladium, Melbourne.

7 May 2008: SBS premieres Salam Cafe, a Muslim-based chat and comedy show with host Ahmed Imam and featuring Waleed Aly, Susan Carland, Nazeem Hussain, Ahmed Hassan and Aamer Rahman. The show is a revamp of a former community TV program, Ramadan TV.

7 May 2009: ABC celebrates 20 years of Media Watch with the special Media Watch 20 Years: Stuff Ups, Beat Ups And Barneys.


Sadly, this was overshadowed by the news of Richard Carleton’s death while he was covering the Beaconsfield mine collapse.

IIRC, John Wood won his first Gold Logie, this coming only weeks before Blue Heelers aired its final episode.


finally! he’d only been nominated about 10 times. Poor guy must have thought it was never going to happen.


I was with a high school excursion in Canberra and the group stayed in a caravan park not far from Australian Institute of Sport. I could still remember tuning into Prime at 9.30pm for the delayed broadcast.

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Also worth noting Seven covered the 2000 pre-season Millennium match between Carlton and Collingwood at the MCG on New Year’s Eve in 1999. Makes me wonder how they could quickly convert that ground from a cricket ground to an AFL field in such a short space of time.


Daryl back on his OG network with Bert on a sad night for Nine


Play School would be inducted into the Hall of Fame. A ‘highlight’ of the night was Richard Wilkins and Joan Rivers.


Wow, 16 years ago, some now household names in there!

I’d forgotten this occured at the same time, I remember the also late Peter Harvey breaking in to programming with the tragic news

Received a standing ovation from the Palladium patrons, was so richly deserved and also fitting. Still a shame the show ended when it did and can’t believe a reboot or sorts hasn’t come to fruition.

Even though he was still a Seven star at this stage (on the original incarnation of DWTS) with Sonia Kruger and was just about TV’s biggest show of the 2000s apart from Ten’s groundbreaking realities


Not only did the ratings for Blue Heelers decline after 2000, I also think Seven regaining the AFL rights (and to some extent the Supercars) from 2007 may have indirectly had something to do with the show’s axing.

Sportsworld also copped the axe in 2006, due to financial and time constraints.

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It was still a high rater, Australia’s no. 1 drama in 2003 (in an otherwise forgettable year for Seven) and resurged in 2004 with some impressive episodic results, into 2005.


9 May 1992: SBS presents a live telecast of the Coca-Cola Soccer League Awards from the Darling Harbour Convention Centre, followed by live coverage of the FA Cup Final from Wembley Stadium and a delayed telecast of the Scottish FA Cup Final from Glasgow.

9 May 1993: Dr Norman Swan presents the new four-part series Invisible Enemies (SBS), exploring the relationship between history, destiny and disease.

9 May 1994: ABC premieres satirical series Frontline, based on the workings of a fictional current affairs program. Starring Rob Sitch, Jane Kennedy, Alison Whyte, Tiriel Mora, Bruno Lawrence, Santo Cilauro, Genevieve Mooy, Pip Mushin, Trudy Hellier and Anita Smith.

9 May 2005: Ten screens the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Debate, hosted by John Safran with Carl Baron, Robyn Butler, Arj Barker, Stephen K Amos, Julia Zemiro and Akmal Saleh.


There is a retrospective in The Age Green Guide today.


10 May 1970: The Seven and Nine networks cross to Rome for live coverage of the World Featherweight Title Fight between Australia’s Johnny Famechon and Vicente Saldivar from Mexico. Commentators are the two Ron Caseys — Ron Casey (from HSV7, Melbourne) and Ron Casey (from TCN9, Sydney).

10 May 1992: SBS screens a delayed telecast of the 37th annual Eurovision Song Contest from Malmö, Sweden.

10 May 1996: Interfooty (Seven) is a new football show for children which looks at how to become an AFL player.

10 May 1998: SBS screens a delayed telecast of the 43rd annual Eurovision Song Contest from Birmingham, United Kingdom.

10 May 2000: The Seven Network crosses to Olympia, Greece, for the traditional lighting of the Olympic torch ceremony ahead of The Games Of The XXVII Olympiad to be held in Sydney in September.

10 May 2002: Neighbours reaches its 4000th episode.

10 May 2004: The Seven Network debuts afternoon show Girl TV, presenting topics including art, fashion, workplace occupations and entertainment aimed at a young female audience.

10 May 2008: ABC debuts drama series Bed Of Roses, starring Kerry Armstrong.

10 May 2009: The Nine Network debuts twice-weekly reality show Homemade.


One of the girls, Casey Burgess, would go on to replace Charli Robinson in Hi-5.

One of Interfooty’s main segments was a cooking segment presented by then-current AFL players; clips of these have been used frequently on The Front Bar in recent years.

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16 May 1993: The 38th annual Eurovision Song Contest, from County Cork, Ireland, is on delayed telecast on SBS.

16 May 1994: The Seven Network debuts children’s game show AMazing* with James Sherry.

16 May 1995: Derryn Hinch‘s forum special The Body Beautiful (Nine) explores the world of cosmetic surgery and procedures; and Hinch gives a first-hand account of the operation he underwent in the lead-up to the program.

16 May 2002: Kath And Kim, the sitcom based on characters featured in sketch comedy shows Big Girls’ Blouse and Something Stupid, makes its debut on ABC.

16 May 2004: SBS movie host Des Mangan commentates the Grand Final of the 49th annual Eurovision Song Contest on delayed telecast from Istanbul, Turkey.

16 May 2006: Clive Robertson returns to television with a new series, Agony Aunts on ABC. Each week Robertson and his team of experts work to “make over” or remedy troubled couples.


17 May 1991: Network Ten‘s late afternoon game show Let’s Make A Deal with Vince Sorrenti ends after only three months.

17 May 1993: Ken Sutcliffe hosts Nine‘s coverage of the Rugby League State Of Origin, New South Wales versus Queensland, from the Sydney Football Stadium.

17 May 2004: Rebecca Gibney and Claudia Karvan star in the telemovie Small Claims on Network Ten.

17 May 2004: SBS debuts five-part series Pizza Live, presenting a reality TV spin-off from the comedy series Pizza.

17 May 2005: ABC debuts four-part factual series The Shearers, about a group of young men and women trying to break into one of Australia’s oldest professions – shearing.

17 May 2007: The Nine Network debuts RPA: Where Are They Now?, revisiting some of the patients and stories to have featured in the long-running factual series RPA, based at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney.

17 May 2009: SBS presents a delayed telecast of the Grand Final of the 54th annual Eurovision Song Contest from Moscow, Russia. Commentators are Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang.


YouTube: Lachlan Patterson Game Shows

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20 May 1988: New TV Station — NEW10, Perth

20 May 1990: The Nine Network debuts two-part mini-series The Private War Of Lucinda Smith, starring Nigel Havers, Linda Cropper, Andrew Clarke and Vincent Ball.

20 May 1992: The Nine Network presents coverage of Game Two of the Rugby League State Of Origin — Queensland versus NSW — from Lang Park, Brisbane.

20 May 1993: After four years and 404 episodes, Network Ten drama E Street comes to an end.

20 May 1994: SBS begins transmission in Darwin.

20 May 1996: Comedy series The Glynn Nicholas Show (ABC) makes its debut, starring Glynn Nicholas with Alison Whyte, Merridy Eastman and Wayne Hope.

20 May 2000: The FA Cup Final — Aston Villa versus Chelsea — is live on SBS from Wembley Stadium, London.

20 May 2005: SBS presents a delayed coverage of the Preliminary Final of the 50th annual Eurovision Song Contest from Kyiv, Ukraine, with commentary by Paddy O’Connell (BBC).

20 May 2007: The King: The Story of Graham Kennedy, depicting the life of television personality Graham Kennedy, is broadcast on pay-TV channel TV1.

20 May 2009: The Nine Network broadcasts the Cricket World Cup — Australia versus New Zealand — live from Cardiff, Wales. Hosted by Ray Martin and Ian Healy.


This was such a bizarre hosting selection