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20/6/2005 Seven News Melbourne unveils the twisted wood/metal set as first rolled out in Sydney earlier that year. This followed just over 16 months (or so) of the infamous “cardboard” set and the keyed set that had Telstra Dome (now Marvel Stadium) in the background.

This meant the set went from having the newsroom in the background to being viewed from the newsroom (if that makes sense).


I think that was also when the LG-branded display screens (similar to those used in shopping centres) were introduced.


22 June 1972: HSV7 televises the first Tattslotto draw, hosted by newsreader David Johnston and model Lucy Kiraly. The total prize pool was $168,450 and first division was $50,535.27.

The numbers drawn were 37, 39, 1, 14, 18, 31 and supplementary 30


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26 June 1967: ABC is the Australian broadcaster for the two-hour global television special, Our World, giving a real-time snapshot of live across 14 countries, broadcast to an estimated audience of between 400-700 million viewers in 24 countries.

Australia contributed three segments to the broadcast. The first featured ABC reporter Brian King bringing the world the sight of a Melbourne tram departing from the depot to start its working day. It was just past 5.00am on a cold Monday morning but this seemingly pedestrian view of Australiana was selected by Our World‘s British producers as a stark reminder to viewers in the Northern Hemisphere that while they were watching TV in a warm summer’s Sunday afternoon or evening, it was a dark and cold Monday morning down under.

The other two segments from Australia highlighted the country’s scientific endeavours. ABC journalist Eric Hunter was in Canberra to report from the Canberra phytotron, a laboratory in which plants can be grown under a wide range of controlled climatic conditions; and it was then off to Parkes, to the giant radio telescope to track a deep space object.

YouTube: watvhistory



27 June 1982: ABC begins its 50th anniversary celebration with the premiere of mini-series 1915, produced specially for the occasion. The seven-part series was sold to over 40 countries.

Also commemorating the 50th anniversary was the special 50 Years Of The ABC: From Carbon Mikes To Satellites, the musical drama Quiros (simulcast with ABC FM), the music special Jubilee Showcase: A Musical Potpourri, recorded at the Sydney Town Hall plus the series returns of Towards 2000, Home Sweet Home, Mastermind and The Saturday Show. ABC also debuts a new children’s drama series Kicking Around and Silly Season Cinema.


27 June 1987: The cover date of what became the last ever edition of TV Scene. The edition hit the newsstands on the Wednesday (24th) and on the Thursday Southdown Press announced the closure of TV Scene, ending a print run of 62 years.

Therefore there was no mention in this edition of it being the last, but newspaper The Sun ran a double-page tribute to TV Scene on the Friday.


28/6/1999 Seven Nightly News relaunches with new graphics, a new musical theme and a new set in Sydney and Melbourne; around this time, Anne Fulwood joined David Johnston at the desk in the latter market. This was in a short-term attempt to boost ratings against the powerhouse that was Nine, but neither worked.

The Seven Nightly News revamp was covered by the ABC’s Media Watch in mid-1999:

Courtesy: Matt01video


30 June 1985: SBS extends transmission to Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong

Source: TV Week

YouTube: Australian TV Fan


1 July 1932: The Australian Broadcasting Commission is formed, taking over 12 existing radio stations: 2FC/2BL Sydney, 3AR/3LO Melbourne, 4QG Brisbane, 5CL Adelaide, 6WF Perth, 7ZL Hobart, 2NC Newcastle, 2CO Corowa, 4RK Rockhampton and 5CK Crystal Brook.

This was how the Australian Women’s Weekly commemorated the 50th anniversary of ABC in 1982:


2/7/2013 The Mole makes its Australian television comeback on Channel Seven, nearly eight years after the previous season aired. However, the new format (new host, multiple nights a week etc.) doesn’t fit well with the audience.


Would love to see the Aussie version of Crackerjack with Reg Livermore on iView

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