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One of the last great, universally loved and consistently top rating family drama programs, Packed to the Rafters, premiered on the Seven Network on this day in 2008.

I doubt we’ll ever see it’s like on Australian television again considering how fragmented audiences have become during the past decade due to developments in technology and changes in the way we consume entertainment.

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September 15 is a particularly special and important one for Sydney for two reasons…

1: Because the spectacular Opening Ceremony of the Olympics was held on this day in 2000.
2: It’s the (87th, this year) birthday of Brian Henderson, best known for his presenting of the 1960s music program Bandstand and of course 45 years of news bulletins on Channel Nine.

Of course September 16 is another important one for the city because that’s when the Sydney TV story started all the way back in 1956 with the first broadcast from TCN-9. Now wouldn’t it be great if the Nine Network realised how important/special mid-September is for the station and the city by launching their new North Sydney HQ around this time of year in 2020?! :slight_smile:

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I wonder if TCN-9’s birthday will get a mention on Nine News Sydney tomorrow? Bruce Gyngell being the first person to appear on Australian television is a bit of a myth as TCN had been doing two months of test broadcasts in the lead up to the official launch.

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Hmm… Also Seven News Sydney’s last day before and updated package in 2013 as well as the final bulletin of Ten News going to air before becoming Ten Eyewitness News.

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Today is also the birthday of Michael Usher

It was given a brief mention at the end of the Sydney news


There was a bit of TV coverage discussion about this in the relevant thread a couple of weeks ago, but we’ve now reached the day of the 25th anniversary itself.

September 24 is a significant date on the calendar for the 1993 announcement in the early hours of the morning Australian time. The four words from then-IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch (who made the 2000 Olympics his last games) that would forever change a city, state and nation. The Winner is Sydney!

From all media reports I’ve seen, the Sydney 2000 bid seemed to be quite popular across the board back in 1993. Perhaps it had something to do with the simple satisfaction of Sydney finally getting to host the Olympics - a goal the city had likely wanted to achieve since the success of Melbourne 1956, with the desire for a Sydney Olympics probably increasing considerably during the 1980s and Early 1990s which saw failed Olympic bids for Brisbane 1992 and a 2nd Melbourne Olympics for 1996 before Sydney won the bid for 2000. Either way, I suspect the public/media reaction to an Olympics bid by any Australian city in 2018 would be very different to that of the 1980s & 1990s attempts to win the games.

But perhaps one major legacy of the bid and the Sydney 2000 games as a whole was Olympic Park itself. With the exception of the SCG (still a favourite for the cricket + Swans AFL and likely always will be), it’d probably be fair to say that Homebush has gradually taken over from Moore Park as Sydney’s main sporting/entertainment hub particularly over the past two decades or so.

October 12, 2002 - several bomb go off in the Sari nightclub in Bali killing over 200 people, including 88 Australians.

Kangaroos AFL player Jason McCartney (now a list manager at the Greater Western Sydney Giants) was one of the few that survived.

Today marks the anniversary of the birth of Phillip Adams. He is well known for having a nightly talk show on ABC Radio National, he writes a column in The Australian, and was previously a film producer and advertising executive. He is a former communist and an atheist.

Notably he was instrumental in the development of AFTRS, the Australia Council, and the Australian Film Commission.

Happy Birthday to Phillip.