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Probably would of ended up being owned by Murdoch considering the privatisation agenda back then.

I agree, Channel 2 would not be TVNZ’s younger skewed network today as it would instead focus on 25-54s audience like Three nowadays with greater emphasis on news and current affairs and still focused on US imports like TVNZ is doing and TV One would go non-commercial and merge with RNZ

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@OnAir @NuStraya I have some trivia when it came to regional television on TVNZ in 1988.

TVNZ produced and broadcast two regional programmes for viewers of Network Two (now TVNZ 2) in Canterbury, Otago and Southland: Faithfully Yours and Twilight Phone. Both of which screened late (around 10.30pm) on Tuesday nights from 30 August until 13 December that year.

Faithfully Yours
Under Stephen McElrea as manager of TVNZ’s then Christchurch operations, Faithfully Yours was produced at its Christchurch studios by Ian Cumming and fronted by Rodney Bryant. It was described as ‘a lively, provocative and unpredictable mix of happenings and issues which interest and concern Cantabrians’. Topics covered in the series included:

  • the changing role of women in society;
  • secondary school pupils from Canterbury schools asking local politicians about their lives and politics;
  • cot deaths in the Canterbury area;
  • immigration in Canterbury;
  • life in Mayfield, a small community in mid Canterbury;
  • tourism in Canterbury;
  • open fires and air pollution in Canterbury;
  • ex-Cantabrians in the film and broadcasting industry;
  • crime and punishment;
  • consumer gripes on a wide range of products within Canterbury (“What Gets Up Your Nose”);
  • what the rest of New Zealand thinks about Canterbury;
  • race relations in Canterbury; and
  • sexual abuse of children.

Twilight Phone
Under Lorraine Isaacs as manager of TVNZ’s then Dunedin operations, Twilight Phone was produced at its Dunedin studios by Jayashree Panjabi and fronted by Jim Sullivan. It was a phone-in talk show where, each week, the issues of relevance to the Otago and Southland regions were tackled and viewers in those regions were given a chance to have their say by phoning in between 6-9pm on a Tuesday night. Before the 0800 number came along, the phone number for Twilight Phone was Dunedin (024) 778-888 - toll free.


Here’s a snapshot of TVNZ’s music show, CV, which began in April 1989 and ran for a year.

CV was described as ‘the complete video show with reviews, competitions, gig guides and all the latest music’. Robert Rakete was one of its three presenters (the others, in the background, were Mark Tierney and Larnie Gifford).

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The old Nightline set and desk (circa 1994), with Janet Wilson and Neil Waka.


This takes me back. Born in '73 but I still remember the “Rainbow” One '75 ident, South Pacific Television '76 ident and One opener '75 (Intermezzo from the “Karelia Suite”).

In 2008, and then a few years later, I obtained them and other clips from the TVNZ Archive directly.

And a couple of days ago I upscaled them and changed the frame rate to 60fps. The Opener looks pretty good with the frame rate change. More smoother than the conventional 25 fps that’s for sure.


Thanks for sharing your memories, @Damo.


I saw this a few moments ago and I wonder if South Pacific Television “borrowed” the look of the logo because I’ve compared this image to our Telethon logo and I strongly believe they did “borrow” it but only altered the length of the word “Telethon” in the box and changed the font.

What does the community think?