NZ Election 2017

A forum to discuss New Zealand’s Election night coverage.

Platforms to tune into on Election night:

TVNZ 1 - Vote17: 7pm, TVNZ 1 & Online
TV Three - Decision17, 7pm Three & Online
Sky News AU - NZ Election (in partnership with Mediaworks NZ), 4:30pm AEST / 6:30pm NZDT Sky News
Maori TV - Election Aotearoa, 7pm Maori TV
Radio NZ - Election17, RNZ TV

Newstalk ZB - Vote17, From 7pm
RadioLIVE - Decision17, From 7pm
Radio NZ - Election17, From 7pm

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SKY News will have Live coverage of the New Zealand election this Saturday from 4:30pm AEST / 6:30pm NZST.

SKY News in partnership with New Zealand’s TV3, will bring viewers comprehensive coverage as Bill English’s National Party seeks a fourth term against Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party. SKY News New Zealand Bureau Chief James O’Doherty will also be Live on the ground in Auckland.

As the polls close, SKY News Anchor Laura Jayes will lead an exclusive panel of guests for rolling commentary and analysis.

On Sunday September 24 from 5:00am AEST / 8:00am NZDT, First Edition will have a wrap-up of all the action from the election followed by a special edition of Sunday Agenda at 8:30am AEST / 11:30am NZDT with SKY News Chief Political Reporter Kieran Gilbert who will dissect the results and what it means for Australia and New Zealand.

From 7:00am AEST / 10:00am NZDT on Sunday, SKY News Business (Channel 602) will air a New Zealand Decides 2017 Election Special as the parties assess the results and coalition negotiations begin. The special will also have Live reaction from all the key players from across the Tasman.

Saturday September 23
New Zealand Decides 2017, Live coverage from 4:30pm AEST / 6:30pm NZST SKY News Live (Ch 601)

Sunday September 24
New Zealand Decides 2017 Election Special, Live from 7:00am AEST / 10:00am NZDT SKY News Business (Ch 602)
Sunday Agenda with Kieran Gilbert, Live from 8:30am AEST / 11.30am NZDT SKY News Live (Ch 601)

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Please note: while this is an Australian website, NZ electoral rules will apply here, which means you cannot post election-related material online on Election Day. This lifts at 5pm AEST/7pmNZT

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Radio NZ is doing TV production for their coverage, not just radio.

Will this topic be locked from Midnight tonight until 7:00pm NZ time tomorrow?

TBC. Probably. While it’s a coverage thread, it’s better to be safe.

So we can’t post screencaps or comment about election coverage for most of tomorrow?

There will be no election coverage to speak of prior to 7pm NZT so therefore nothing to screenshot. The only things you can mention are polls being open.

From the NZ Election media kit:

  • What are the rules for the media?
  • • All election advertising and other statements, by anybody including the media, which could influence voters cannot be published or broadcast on election day.
  • Newspapers published after 6pm on the day before election day are treated as being published on election day.
  • No opinion polling of voters can be carried out on election day.
  • News stories posted on websites before election day can remain, as long as the website is not advertised on election day.
  • News media can broadcast a statement having direct or indirect reference to the 2017 General Election, for example, a news item noting that it is election day and when results will be available.
  • News items must not include any words or visual images that are likely to influence voters about how they should vote.
  • Care should be taken with any items that show any candidates or include interviews with any candidates. If in any doubt, broadcasters should delay broadcasting the item until after the voting places close at 7pm.

How would this be enforced? Dispatch of Sheep Team Six to bacco’s house?


Until AFTER polls close at 7pm.

I’m pretty certain it is okay to post screencaps and to comment on coverage after 7pm.

Baastards. And yeah it’s an incredibly stupid law

Correct. Apologies if that wasn’t clear , @JohnsonTV etc


No exit polls?

Correct, no exit polls. Can’t be announced post 7pm etc.


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Mike McRoberts is covering the National Party celebrations in Auckland for Newshub tonight while reporters Jenna Lynch and Isobel Ewing are also in Auckland covering celebrations for the Labour and Green Parties respectively, and Lloyd Burr is in Russell covering the party for New Zealand First.

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Is Sam involved with tonight’s coverage?

She’ll be outside Jacinda’s house.


Who’s at Bill’s?