NRL on Nine


Yeah, Ten started at 8am because they covered the traditional North Melbourne GF Breakfast (which Fox now has the rights to)


Although I definitely get where you’re coming from, news happens every day of the year so it would not be appropriate for Nine to rest their 6pm bulletin just because it’s NRL Grand Final Day IMO. Besides, there have been NRL Grand Final Days over the years (2012 and 2015 instantly come to mind as recent examples) where bigger stories have overshadowed the lead-up to the game.

As a network which positions itself as being committed to news, I personally think Nine have a responsibility to take just 30 minutes out of a 12 hour or so broadcast day which is otherwise dedicated to rugby league (even though of course, there’ll naturally be some NRL Grand Final lead-up coverage during the bulletin particularly in NSW & QLD) to remind viewers of what else has been happening around their city, state, country and world that day. :slight_smile:


Nine is just being complacent because they know they’ll get maximum ratings at a very low cost for starters.

You honestly can’t say that anyone would prefer Nine’s NRL coverage to that of Fox nowadays (even though I hate Fox). Compared to Fox, Nine’s coverage seems lazy and cheap.


I was wondering if people can stream both coverage of the Women’s Grand Final and the State Championship Final on 9Now?


Pretty sure Seven copied Ten with that RE: Grand Final day.

Only Seven use specific shows from the week packed into that day ( The Kick, Game Day, etc). Whereas Ten’s was the same studio with generic names but just rotating presenters (“AFL Day”, “Pre Game” etc.)

NB/ Ten’s 2009 GF, ONE HD’s first year, was the biggest hours/effort I’ve ever seen from a broadcaster, so much so they went into Saturday night with hours of post game / special shows exclusively to ONE HD. A shame that channel got stuffed up and they lost the rights.


Well, the actual coverage does start at 6.30pm (Nobody outside NSW/QLD watches the daytime stuff on Gem)


Yes surprising it hasn’t surfaced. Geyer and Ikin had no idea what to do.


The lower grades are on before that.
To me, it’s still all part of Grand Final Day.

At least they don’t air 60 Minutes as well like they did before the first night Grand Final in 2001.


I wonder if Nine weren’t originally intending to show 60 Minutes on NRL Grand Final Day in 2001, but in light of then-recent international and national news events (being in the aftermath of September 11 + the financial collapse of Ansett, which I’d imagine 60 Minutes covered extensively) decided that showing an episode was necessary at the time?

This may explain why Nine has (thankfully) only once interrupted NRL Grand Final coverage to show 60 Minutes.


If Voss didn’t say that “the statue looked nothing like Rabs” then i don’t think Ray Hadley signs with Nine. Even though Gyngell, who was good friends with Hadley by that stage would have pushed for Hadley to become part of the team, came out and supported Hadley by criticising Voss’s comments. And, within 7 months after that incident, people tuned into Rd 2 FNF between Broncos/Cowboys and are astonished to find Hadley calling the game instead of Voss and to confirm beyond all doubt that Voss had been demoted. likely the reason he went to NZ and later on, Fox. And now, with Warren Smith going to Nine, it could happen that Vossy could be Fox’s no. 1 caller.


Has Warren Smith’s rumoured defection been confirmed by Nine?

A Google search doesn’t show anything on this…


Ah yes I remember that one. That was the year the Knights beat the Eels. I remember watching at the grandma’s house in Redhead.


Didn’t Graeme Hughes call the matches Ch9 covered (Friday night/Sunday) for FTA in NZ during 1992-94 (before he moved to Sky in 1995 when the Warriors entered the comp), after which Sky NZ began taking Nine’s uninterrupted coverage of FNF and Sunday Football?


I wish I could forget that grand final :slightly_frowning_face:


For your pleasure. :wink: :rofl:


Ha ha go Parra odds on favourite what could possibly go wrong lol.


There were many occasions where Nine could have rested their 6pm bulletin for NRL matches. The 2010 ANAZAC test in NZ, the 2006 tri nations matches in NZ, and a few FNF games where the Warriors were hosting. But they didn’t.


Wasn’t there one time when the NRL “forced” Nine to show the Parramatta-Brisbane game live in 2000? even though Nine had commitments to the third one-day cricket international between Australia and South Africa at Colonial Stadium, the NRL decided that if Nine didn’t bump the cricket, they were going to have Fox show it live.


Yesterday morning, I phoned Channel Nine asking whether the State Championships will be uploaded to 9now for catchup. A programming team told me that these matches will be uploaded on 9now. I also asked that bloke whether the Saturday night NRL was on 9now, he told me that unfortunately 9now didn’t have the rights to do so as it was shared with Foxtel. Channel Nine is a joke


Channel 9 and Fox don’t have the digital rights for the NRL, Telstra does.