NRL on Nine


The scores look too much like headache capsules for my liking.


My memory of sports graphics back in the Early 2000s isn’t what it once was, but wasn’t an early version of those used from either the Finals Series or the NRL Grand Final in 2002? Somehow I’ve got a vague memory of there being different graphics during the NRL Grand Final that year compared to what was used on Nine for the regular season, which might make sense since this was around the time Nine relaunched their general on-air look from their 1st Digital TV graphics to Seven Colours for Seven Days: Generation 1.

LOL, I agree. Personally I also prefer the scoreboard to be on the bottom of the screen rather than stacked in the corner like what Nine did (originally top left, later bottom left) up until the 2013 season.

Although it’s probably fair to say that Nine’s current NRL graphics are a bit busier than what they used during the Early-Mid 2000s, the same can probably be said about most sports graphics on TV.


Something i do remember-before the Sunday game was shifted to a 4pm kickoff- was how it was obvious that a match wasn’t going to golden point if someone missed a conversion at 5:59pm, before the news…


I do remember one occasion, when Nine still had swimming, and Rabs was busy with calling the swimming overseas, Alan Thomas filled in and called the QLD game (Brisbane vs Penrith), with Andrew Voss doing the NSW game (Parramatta vs Wests Tigers). That was before Fox got involved with the two FNF games. Both games that night went into golden point (one of the rare, if not, the only time both FN games have gone into golden point), with Peter Wallace kicking the winning field goal after Penrith fluked and scored two late tries in the last 2-3 or so minutes to force the game into golden point.


Outside of Ray Warren, Ray Hadley, Matt Thompson and Alan Thomas, who has called matches for Nine?


Tim Gilbert who was abysmal.


Yeah, i was never a fan of him as the main caller. For all his faults, Hadley was/is better than Gilbert, but didn’t Nine have anyone else to do it then?


Andrew Voss is another one, who left after a falling out with the station when they signed Hadley.


Peter Sterling called play by play during the 2012 Olympics when Ray was away.


I do wonder who covered Adelaide Rams games for Nine? But those games were only for Adelaide viewers.


Not sure who, but that reminded me that David Morrow did call Western/Perth Reds games for Nine Perth.

AFL identity Adrian Barich had some kind of guest host or sideline role, I vaguely recall.


Mark Geyer done a bit of play by play during a Penrith game years ago when Vossy got ill at half time. It was hilarious! I wish there was a video of it


Grand Final Day Line Up (AEST)

13:00 pm Women’s Grand Final Sydney Roosters V Brisbane Broncos (9GEM in AFL states)
Join our expert commentary team for all the action from kick off to the final siren. Kick off at 1:30PM AEST.

15:30 pm State Championship Final (9GEM in AFL states)
NRL Intrust Super State Championship Grand Final, live from ANZ Stadium, Sydney. Join our expert commentary for all the action. Kick off at 4:00PM AEST.

06:00 pm Nine News

06:30 pm NRL Grand Final Pre-Match Entertainment
Featuring a live performance from multiple ARIA-Award winning Australian rock band, Gang of Youths.

07:30 pm NRL Grand Final Sydney Roosters V Melbourne Storm

09:30 pm Post Match Presentations
Analysis, post match interviews, presentations and victory lap.

For Adelaide and Perth also see:


Yet again underwhelming from nine. They never startthe broadcast nice and early and do a full build up. They have the footy show but it’s not really that special to make sure the event gets the coverage it deserves.


What time would you suggest they start the coverage?


11am… live from outside ANZ stadium. Have a large outside broadcast for the build up, special guests, year in review etc etc.

Ten use to do a massive coverage from early morning for the AFL … that scale of coverage hasn’t been repeated in recent years by seven or nine.


Seven start their Grand Final coverage at 9am every year.


perhaps I am wrong but didn’t Ten do it much earlier, like a Grand Final Breakfast which Seven haven’t done in years.


Probably because, to them, it costs money.

If you can get away with doing the bare minimum, they’d do it. It’s like a real life version of the World Wide Business Group.


The thing that kills Nine’s Grand Final coverage for me is the 6pm news smack bang in the middle of it all.

Ruins it, imo.