North Korea-United States relations

A location and date for the 2018 North Korea-United States summit between President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has been announced


Will Campbell Newman be in attendance?


The summit has been called off.

Is anybody surprised?

Disappointed, but not surprised…

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It was also going to end up with. One of those dick heads pulling out. So not really surprised or disappointed. It’s just a pattern with these two, more harsh words and threats seems to be the norm.

I also doubt NK actually blew up their nukes… No doubt. All for show.

Given their. Many human rights violations I’m surprised. Kim hung UN didn’t pull out first but with trump being the ego maniac he is he’s going to probably claim. We. Tried but they weren’t playing ball.

It’s a tactic which could end up backfiring at some point.

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You’re partially wrong, North Korea has highlighted in the past few weeks there on-and-off commitment to the meeting. E.g North Korean officials failed to turn up at a meeting with U.S officials last week about planning the Trump-Kim meeting. Also, recent rhetoric out of North Korea hasn’t been diplomatic, reminiscent of the kind of dialogue of last year during the missle crisis’ climax.

The US had also not shown its sincerity since the idea of a summit was first raised. It should have called off the recent military exercise with South Korea.

When the summit was first announced, North Korea accepted the fact that the U.S - South Korean military exercises would continue. But in saying this, cancelling the joint exercises would’ve be a nice gesture from the U.D

The summit could be back on.

Kim and Moon have met again.

It’s back on

I am still apprehensive about this,we could be doing this for years!

Guess they don’t have to throw the commemorative coins out afterall.

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The venue has been announced

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Both Trump and Kim are now in Singapore ahead of the historical summit.


Two dictators are meeting, according to Fox News presenter.

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Will we see the main networks break into programming for this?

Shouldn’t think so. Would be boring as hell.

I would probably say so for the initial hand shake and greeting between the two leaders then normal updates throughout the day. For such a historic event surely there would be above average TV coverage.

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