No Stupid Questions

No Stupid Questions (Working Title)

New for 2023

How do I join the Illuminati? Do fish feel pain? When can I make a citizen’s arrest? Are other animals ticklish? Is social media addictive? Should we be worried about ancient viruses being unlocked from melting permafrost? Is there a new show on the ABC in 2023 that lets the audience ask questions like this? Is there a new show that will go and find the answers to these questions in an entertaining and thought provoking fashion? There is! Does this show have a name? Not yet, let’s move on. Who’s on it? Chas Licciardello, Kirsten Drysdale, Lawrence Leung, Alex Lee, Cameron James and Louise Wall.

A Mercury Scout production for the ABC. Executive Producers Chas Licciardello and Martin Robertson. Directors Stef Smith and Steve Kirkby. ABC Executive Producer Frances O’Riordan.

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The show will now be called WTFAQ?, ABC’s acting director entertainment and specialist Jennifer Collins tells TV Tonight.

Described as a hybrid format with both location and studio elements, this sees the team answer questions submitted by the audience.

“So it might be, ‘Is my Smart TV listening to me?’ for example. The team will go off and research that. There might be trivial questions, but they might be deeply serious questions, interrogated in an entertaining way.”

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WTF does WTFAQ stand for?
No Stupid Questions or There Are No Stupid Questions would have been good.

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Recycled Chaser people again on these light factual shows. Yawn.