WTFAQ (nee No Stupid Question)

A Current Affair had a report last night on Kirsten who named her son Methamphetamine Rules, “in the name of journalism” after many viewers submitted questions about baby names and what parents could legally call their child.

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The segment is available on You Tube.

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This was such a stupid experiment, ruining her child’s life for a segment in a show no one watches.

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Ruined her life? That’s a bit melodramatic. :joy:

wdym? Forever the kid’s birth certificate will have “Meth Rules” on it and whenever it applies for anything it will have to declare previous names.

Lol. It won’t be forever. It’s something that can be changed.

Plus, a lot of people go by a different name to what is on their birth certificate, as in my case. It can be an alternative name, a shortening of a name, a nickname or a middle name.

I know I’m not saying the kid will go by that name, but that is the name on their certificate that they’ll have to declare for passports and medical stuff.

Unless the name is changed which I suspect would happen soon enough.

No I know but if you change your name it stays on your birth certificate under “previous names”.

AFAIK, it is being processed as a correction rather than an offical name change, so it won’t be recorded as a former name on the birth certificate.

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