Nine (WIN)

I watch Nine News on Nine (WIN)

Seen today during local news


There is already talk of smart TV set makers not including FTA tuners on some models in the not-to-distant future. This was mentioned in the recent Parliamentary Prominence Enquiry. The likes of WIN have left things way too late and will be totally bypassed before long. Is no wonder NEC seemingly has next to no interest in buying WIN anymore.


Saw WIN in Albury last night and all 3 HD channels looked good (9, 9Go and 9Gem). Why can’t all networks do this?

Kudos to WIN for being on the front foot with HD multi channels.


So WIN have gone and screwed around with our channels (again) in the Riverland. Now 10 is on the same bandwidth as 7 lol (557.500 Mhz) and the channel numbers are now all jumbled up (536.500 Mhz now a dead frequency)


Have they removed any channels or how did they cram them all into one frequency? eg. is the picture quality worse?

Could they be doing maintenance?

That was part of the maintenance

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None removed but yep all crammed onto that frequency. Funny how there’s not enough space for new channels like 7Bravo, 7Flix etc but plenty for all those on that frequency. Pic quality no different

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All the channels are MPEG4 aren’t they? Definitely possible, especially since it’s just 2 HDs and 4 SDs.
Missing multichannel aren’t about spectrum, it’s about advertising dollars. No extra money would be coming in if they introduced those services. There’s no point running them at a loss, especially when regional FTA is all about trimming whatever fat they can find.

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I’ve noticed the last few days watching WIN Illawarra’s main channel that there seems to be mistimed feed switches, like they are late leaving and rejoining the network feed by about a second or so. Has anyone else noticed that?


WIN screwed up it’s news headlines during the jackpot round of Tipping Point this afternoon, showing this frozen picture for around 20 seconds, before returning to Tipping Point straight out of the update:


That reminds me, when I was in Tasmania, I once saw an ad at that time when there was supposed to be a news update towards the end of Tipping Point.

And in Bendigo, WIN were late returning from an ad break to the 6pm news a couple of times.


7 Regional often (but not every night) have a five second promo (often for a 7plus show) between the Seven News Melbourne update and the second half of the final chase.

Back when it was branded as Prime7, they would have a five second ident.