Nine Tennis Coverage


7 had to charge you a fee to watch in reasonable quality


Regarding The Today Show news

Staying out of the Today thread as it’s not my domain so to speak…

But the left-of-centre appointment of TJ is interesting, @OnAir and I were just discussing his AO hypothetical role yesterday.

Now, assuming he’s presenting sport on Today all 14 mornings (which means VERY early wake ups) and is still presenting sport on 6pm news, it makes it almost impossible for him to be the Aus Open’s prime time host now (assuming that role is as with Seven 7pm to potentially after midnight, unless they were to get Erin Molan or Seb Costello after their 9Gem feed finishes to do late main channel - notably Seven used another host for late night, such as Mel McLaughlin and Jason Richardson).

It’d mean a 3am to 12am (give or take) shift for TJ for 14 days in a row! :open_mouth:


Wouldn’t the Weekend Today sports reader Clint read the sport on the weekends during the AO?


Sorry, you’re right.

But still, potentially only a couple of hours sleep for TJ for 5 days in a row and again three days later for another 5 days in a row (if my hypothetical turns out correct)?

Ridiculous, almost absurd that’d happen to an TV talent! !


Who hosted the Brisbane international today?


James Bracey did this afternoon’s 9Go, not sure who’s doing tonight?


Sydney International:


Garry Wilkinson commentating? I never knew he was still around, presumably on world feed?


He would have be in he’s late 70s


Yep, he does the AO world feed still.


Telecast of Brisbane international finished at 11:14pm (edt)


Compare Timmy Gilbert to James Bracey. Little wonder 9 want Bracey all over the Network’s coverage of anything sport related. Bracey is as superb as Gilbert isn’t.


Are you suggesting Nine gave Gilbert the Brisbane role just to give him something, perhaps knowing he was being removed from Today and also not on the Aus Open (at least in a prominent role)?


No, I’m suggesting that if I had a choice of those two to host a sporting event for the Network that I’d use Bracey 101 times out of 100 regardless of whatever other roles they have for the Network.



Matches are still being played in Sydney, but there’s no live coverage that I can find, including 9Now. I don’t understand why they’d return to normal programming on Gem, esp. with Aussies playing in two of the matches.


Fast 4 Tennis:


There is at the moment.


Wow… that’s a blast from the past! He commentated the Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony for Channel Seven!


Peter Landy, Garry Wilkinson and Alan Stone were Seven’s commentators for their endless summer of tennis back in the 1970s and 1980s. Can’t remember when they started and finished doing the tennis.